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Love Master Francis
Love Master Francis
Let me clear the way for letting go!
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I Have helped hundreds of client's get over mental and emotional issues be it from work, family, relationship and many other things. Reach out today so we can clear a path to what you are meant to do.
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I'm a 4th generation psychic and healer with natural born ability's sharpened by My Great Grandmother, Grandmother and Mom.
My training began as soon as I was able to understand the implications of my abilities and the impact they could have on those around me, My training started at age 10 where I was both instructed in the family craft honed for generations as well as granted my first spirit that had been with the family since the first generation of psychics. Not only do I have info passed down through the family I inherit the spirits as well that carry the familial lineage through them. I also am able to ask my guides to help in the healing process of individuals and have them maintain the work when I am not connected to you.
Approach to Topics
I help my clients approach things from their past lives, current life past, and now that they are holding onto to help release negative energies and attachments that they can't let go of. Their is one thing I do which is called the 2 week course where I force up emotions and memories that are preventing you from moving forward and advise you how to deal with them over those two week periods. My goal is to empower you to learn to deal with emotions and memories so that you can better release them before they even become a problem for you. I also help to remove negative spiritual attachments through known practices and practices my family and I have developed and perfected over time. I range from Light Language, spirit guides directed to remove blockages, reiki, elemental blockage remove, a combo between creation and elemental blockage removal or creation on its own.
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