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Feeling lost and alone ? Do you need someone to talk to but don’t have anyone to confide to? Give me a call or come chat with me I’m sure you will feel better by the end of our call.
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I’ve always been highly empathetic I can read good and bad energy and I’m highly intuitive. I started recognizing this gift in middle school and would turn to other well gifted people for advice on matters that I've already know the answers too. This is pretty new to me an I would like to use this gift to help others as it has helped me. I enjoy helping others as well as providing them life advice on love,career etc please don’t hesitate to give me a try I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.
Approach to Topics
I am very compassionate and have a simple approach. I want to calm and free you of whatever is causing anxiety in your mind and also offer advice and answers to whatever questions you may have. Anyone with psychic addictions I would like to help bring clarity so you don’t feel the need to spend all your money on psychic readings all the time. I can also do astrology readings as well if asked.
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