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Luna Dii Light Seeing

61 readings since 2021
Divine Inanna's Healing Spirit Medium
How are my Loved ones doing, now that they are 'gone'? Is my Loved One beside me now? What advice does the Other Side have for me? Purely Miraculous! Truth only YOU could know <3
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Breakups & Divorce
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About Me
About Me
My guides and I constantly visualize the brightest of Loving information daily, which really needs to be shared. I still remember when I first learned I had this ability - I will never forget the first time helping a friend see their passed grandson
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
Come to me with the name of somebody you Love who has passed. Otherwise, let Spirit Guide you, as I help to reveal your Spirit guides who Love you! Swiftly I will guide you, giving you a divine message of Intervention with Wisdom and Grace. <3

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