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Luna Eclypse
Luna Eclypse
Guidance From Santa Muerte
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Facing a difficult road ahead? Struggling with life altering decisions? Allow the goddess of death and rebirth, goddess of life, mother of the downtrodden and forsaken to offer you CLARITY and GUIDANCE through her priestess.
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I am an initiated priestess of La Santisima Muerte, a devotee and follower of the Bony Lady, a devout worshipper and leader in the community following her ideals, teaching her mysteries, writing courses, and teaching classes while donating to the downtrodden and homeless in the community. Santa Muerte wishes for us all to have a good life full of love and happiness and she has a heart for those who have suffered in this life or who are still in a state of chaos and suffering. Her mysteries are those of death and initiation into what life should be, into the life we dreamed we could live, into the life that is ours to live if we ask for it.

Luna is an in-demand tarot reader, teacher, lecturer, and pagan leader who has lived throughout the USA and traveled extensively abroad, and is the founder of the Metaphysical Market and Luna's House of Tea and Tarot. She is an initiate of the OTO, studies at Woolston Steen Theological Seminary with an Associates of Divinity in Wicca and is affiliated with many different pagan groups. Luna has been a reader at several prestigious metaphysical shops and locations in around the US for years, has organized many local pagan events around the country including various Pagan Pride festivals, helping to build strong local community, and is currently expanding her business to serve online clientele.
Approach to Topics
Receive direct divine messages from La Santisima Muerte, channeled through her priestess using her oracle and tarot cards. This divine deity of transformation will offer guidance on how to navigate your trials and tribulations, offering clarity and direction when all else seems dark or clouded. Offer your petitions to her and she will tell you what to do to bring happiness and success to your life. Trust her messages, heed her advice, believe in the outcome- through releasing that which is dead and no longer serves you, comes the transformations that lead to joy in life. She will work with those who believe to manifest that which you desire in life.

I am a hollow bone for the Lady of Mictlan, La Nina Blanca, the most holy death. The messages I give to you are not mine but hers. The requests I may ask of you to do are her requests for what you have asked of her and could include things such as prayers, cleansing, ritual baths, candle workings, or whatever else she may ask, and are rooted in the practice of witchcraft, hoodoo, or even similar to traditional Mexican folkcraft. These agreements are between you and her and will help you accomplish what you desire, so it is recommended you take them to heart. Sometimes her guidance is much more straightforward. Be open to her messages and guidance in your life.
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