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Mara Light and Love
Mara Light and Love
Love, Career, Ascension - Positive Energy Readings
10 minutes for $1.99
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Call me! I'm here to support you with powerful, compassionate spiritual readings to help you navigate the ups and downs of life. Lets explore the possibilities and your deepest desires and dreams together!
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I have been an Intuitive Empath from the time I was a child but it wasn't until many years later that I had a powerful spiritual awakening that rocked my world to the core and brought my psychic gifts into full manifestation. For the last 12+ years, I have honed and developed my intuition, psychic ability, and gifts to offer compassionate, honest, spiritual guidance and psychic readings. Over the years I have studied meditation, quantum states and healing, alchemy, chakra work, and zero point reality creation. Some of the tools that I may work with during our calls are crystals, sacred geometries, light, frequencies, tone and sound, and guidance working with affirmations, intention, attraction, & manifestation.

After many years of training, I am able to see and access the quantum field of possibility and can help create a space for positive and sometimes radical change and transformation. I regularly commune with angels and cosmic beings and am blessed to receive messages and psychic impressions from Spirit. To date, I’ve performed many in person spiritual and psychic readings and energy/quantum healing work. I'm now honored to be available to you on Keen as an advisor. I'm available daily for sessions and readings by phone and chat.

While I'm often signed on most evenings, best days and times to reach me are:

5 PM to Midnight (PST) Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

Note: While most questions and concerns are welcome, I ask that you refrain from asking specific medical diagnosis/prognosis, Covid 19, pregnancy, or legal questions. While I may receive psychic impressions and recommendations related to nutrition, general health, or lifestyle changes, medical or legal questions are beyond the scope of our work together.

Warning: I am also unable to overrule your highest self in its quest and so after a particularly intense session with me, you may experience some upheaval in life or emotions. This can happen sometimes and its a little bit like a spiritual detox. Please remember to drink plenty of pure water and try to rest a bit before and after your reading.
Approach to Topics
A reading with me is a heart centered, loving experience like chatting with a dear friend. I offer compassionate, honest, guidance along with gifts of warm golden light and healing energy to all those who join me in my sacred space for a time. During a session, I receive and pass along messages from Spirit, from your Guides, and mine as we share these precious moments together. Don't be surprised if a few of our Cosmic friends and Angels pop in once in a while during a reading to whisper words of encouragement or deliver a personal message just for you!

Bring me your Life, Love, Career, questions, I am here to help with anything that is important to you. The answers may flow soft and gentle or appear powerfully In Your Face with brutal honesty. I excel at helping seekers like you navigate through this lifetime with all of its fluctuating quantum realities and daily life challenges that may get you down. May all of the universe come together in our sessions to support you. Let's work in the Light together and align with your true hearts desire.

What to Expect During a Reading

Every session is unique and special. The energies and beings will show up depending on what your Higher Self wants to receive during our time together.

How to Prepare for a Session

Before we get on the phone, I recommend that you take a few moments to get quiet, embrace the silence, and release your mind from its busy-ness.

Next, set an intention to receive exactly what you need from the session and trust that it will come to you in the best possible way and for the highest good for yourself and all others.

Write down your questions ahead of time and be as direct and specific as possible. For best results, listen with an open heart. Intend it so.

Lastly, Imagine yourself wrapped in a warm bubble of golden light and energy. You are loved, blessed, protected, and secure. This is a safe space. Now, ask your questions.
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