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New Listing! Check my Love & Relationships listing for pages of reviews!! Psychic, Coach and Reiki Practitioner also gifted in manifestation, metaphysics and spiritual awakening.
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I have lived past lives as a healer and have been called to do so again in this lifetime. I am a psychic, life coach and business woman with spiritual gifts whose purpose is to help raise the collective consciousness and help you shine your Light, live authentically and be empowered to follow your soul purpose while enjoying life on Earth.

One of my passions is to help others manifest, and co-create with the Universe. While we do come here with soul lessons to learn and a blueprint of that laid out, ultimately, our lives are a projected image, one that we can change with some effort, creativity and faith.

Manifestation has 4 key components:

1) Clarity on WHAT you want.

2) Unblocking subconscious themes surrounding deservingness levels. All of us receive programing and conditioning in life from parents, care takers and society. It isn't our fault, but it is our responsibility as an adult to do this work to find our authentic selves, just the way that God/Universe created us when we were born into this world as babies.

3) Expansion. Seeing to believe. Having role models that remind you of yourself, and seeing them achieve what it is that you want.

4) Passing tests. Not settling for "lesser" versions of what you want.

When all 4 of these pieces are in place, the manifestation is fulfilled. Often it happens after these pieces are in place and you've gone through a period of time where you're only hearing crickets. This is the biggest test of all.

The only limits are the ones placed upon ourselves, and I'm here to help you remove those blocks.
Approach to Topics
You are here because your soul is evolving and you may feel as though everything as you knew it is now a big question mark. Relationships, jobs, friends, and on. This is a pivotal point in personal and spiritual growth. As you move away from things that no longer resonate with you at a soul level, you clear more room to create your life from your heart space.

My approach is honest, loving and down to earth. I have been given readings or coaching sessions where I was told what I wanted to hear, only to have that not come to fruition, and was left with feelings of frustration and hurt at the waste of time and money. I won’t do that with you. My mission is to serve others and help heal core wounds that hold us back from seeing our dreams come true.

The universe will repeat lessons in our lives until we master them. I am here to help you do just that.

When I am working with clients, I tap into their energy through a first name and their astrological association. So I ask for the zodiac sign if they have it, or a DOB at the very beginning of the chat.

My readings will show recent events and then move into the underlying issues, or why things are happening. This helps clients pinpoint issues that traditional means of therapy would take much longer and many more dollars to unravel.

Equipped with root issue knowledge, the work to heal underlying issues is expedited, therefore speeding up the time to reach that light at the end of the tunnel.

This is a safe place, however I will not accept clients who are disrespectful toward me or others. I can't do a reading in 1 or 2 minutes. I am not available to help manifest an unavailable partner or do anything that is detrimental to anyone's well-being. Keen also has a policy against medical/pregnancy related topics. That's what a medical professional is for, or a medical intuitive who works independent from this site. I don't do free readings via Ping or Email. I do have a free minute policy to help subsidize clients who are serious about using our time well. For readings 5 minutes or longer, that are rated and reviewed afterward, I will send free minutes.

In gratitude
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