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Accurate answers and precise guidance for your spiritual journey or spiritual awakening you find yourself on. I can help with your answers related to family, career, love, spirit guides, or other psychic ability questions.
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I inherited my gifts from my great grandmother who passed these abilities on down to my grandmother who "heard a voice that guided her" and my mother that had the exact same abilities as myself in that we hear, see, speak, smell, and even taste the messages that spirit wants us to give to you. I first became aware that I could see and speak to spirits at 6-years-old when I was visited by an elderly woman that had passed away on the property we lived many years prior. From that moment forward I have been communicating with spirit.

I have professionally been providing accurate readings professionally since 2013. I allowed spirit to lead me to my readings and when was the best time to open myself up publicly. This was done with a vision from Jesus who told me "Our Father gave you those abilities, now use them!" I have not looked back since that moment.
Approach to Topics
Fair warning: I do not sugar coat. I give direct answers and will not just tell you what you want to hear. I also do not argue with clients about the reading. I strictly give facts of the messages given to me by my spirit guides or your passed loved ones. It is not up to me to make the connection of the details provided to you, that is up to you. Remember even though I am a psychic medium I do not know your entire life and family; and no I am not a mind reader.

If you prefer a flat fee you can message me and provide information on which option you prefer from the following:

2 questions for $15 by clicking https://www.keen.com/Mail/Action.aspx?mailId=188720&cd=uLpBUGJKpbgq2TwI094QCw%3d%3d

3 questions for $20 by clicking https://www.keen.com/Mail/Action.aspx?mailId=191540&cd=SLctTUG3FeavWz73aMfU7A%3d%3d

5 questions for $30 by clicking https://www.keen.com/Mail/Action.aspx?mailId=191541&cd=M6027ECTAGix%2fxaySjP9%2fQ%3d%3d

The questions will be answered in full detail of what I am shown from my guides. When ordering a paid email reading please provide your first name, date of birth, and any other person's first name and date of birth that is connected to the situation and the questions you have for me. I will then send the answers in an email that once you pay the fee then you will be able to open the email. I decided to offer the paid readings because I understand sometimes a person may not be able to sit on chat or on the phone to get the answers to their questions.
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