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Twin Flame and Ascension Expert Advice and Program
10 minutes for $1.99
If you are experiencing a Twin Flame meeting, and the associated turmoil and confusion, I have psychic insight and extensive study in this area. I am here to guide you along the path.
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I am a professional physic, healer and teacher of meditation. I am a global traveller and citizen. I do not use tools, though I can if you would like me to. My messages are direct from spirit, and I will tell you exactly what I receive - nothing more, nothing less. On this note - the more specific your question is, the more specific the response will be.

If I do not get an answer, and sometimes I don't, then it is because it is not for you to know at this point. The purpose of life is to live the mystery, and there are times, when spirit allows you to do exactly that, without intervention. I will be very clear if, and when this happens.
Approach to Topics
I am a Twin Flame myself, I have personally been through this process. I am also a gifted psychic and healer. I do not buy into everything we can read on the internet, as I have my own experience, insight and guidance in this area......for example, if your ONLY question is "when will he/she call me again"? "when will we be together"? - I am not the guide for you. Please don't call me if that is your only question. This listing is for those people genuinely seeking growth.

This experience is about SO much MORE than simple reunion......the changes, healing, and growth along this path are fundamental to our universal ascension, and are the true purpose of this journey....Reunion...IF it happens (it normally does not, in this dimension) - is entirely up to you, and how willing you are to do the work on yourself to get there. IF you've been told you're a "chaser".....well guess what, you're not. There is no such thing. You do need to do some work though..........If you've been told you're a "runner" - again - no such thing. There are only stages of development, and it is not until you work through these stages that a reunion will even be possible.

Other reasons not to call me; if you have a history of labeling every romantic interest you have a "twin flame", and then relabeling a 'false twin" when it becomes apparent that it will not work out. If you are not prepared to do any work on yourself. If you take everything personally and do not understand the concept of "universal oneness". If your only acceptable outcome is "reunion".

Do not confuse Soul Mates, and the common definition of that term with a TF, they are very different things. Not everyone has a Twin Flame in this life...in fact it's a rare thing.......

If, on the other hand, you "get it", and you are ready to get on board, ride the train, do the work, and step up to your calling........call me. We'll develop a plan, I'll send you some tools, we can discuss your progress to guide you through. This is NOT an easy path......and I will do anything and everything that I can to assist you - but only if you are ready to assist yourself.

We are on this path for a reason. A very, very important reason. This is not a game, it's not a romance novel, it's not magic. This is very real - so let's go hard, or go home.

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