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Spiritual Energy Readings (please read my page)
10 minutes for $1.99
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*ENERGY READER* Honest, quick answers to all your questions. Current energy and season, knowledge needed to fulfill your destiny and higher purpose. Get awareness now!
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Do you have questions?
Get the answers with an Energy Reading by Miss Intuition!
-Energy Reading via live online chat-


#1 -- Please understand that the quality of the answer will depend upon the CLARITY of the question.

Therefore, please format your question in the following way:
"Tell me what I need to know about the energy that is surrounding (my partner, my child, my relative, my co-worker, my date, my meeting, my project, my class etc.) for my highest good."

Even if you do not have a specific question, just ask the basic form of the question: "Tell me what I need to know for my highest good." Often after you see how my energy responses relate to you and your current situation you will have follow-up questions.

#2 -- If you are asking about the energy in relation to another person I will need that person's name and may request the date/time of your last contact.

This is simply to help me interpret the energy I receive as to any geographical interferences, or if the energy connection is not very strong it being due to a lack of communication rather than a reflection of other circumstances.

#3 -- Please have enough funds in your account for 5 minutes to start. I type VERY fast, but please allow me at least 5 minutes to answer your question.

Yes, I accept the new customer '3 minutes free' offers, but PLEASE consider adding funds for a few extra minutes. You can always re-connect with me if you decide to later.

Thank you!
Approach to Topics

Over the years, I have found it is easier for me to connect without hearing your voice, which is why I do strictly live online chats only. It is hard for me to receive an even energy from you, especially when it is a very delicate situation that may cause you to become emotional. Separating myself from the emotional component of your question helps me to give you a non-biased, more aware reading.

I believe we all have the capability to be in tune with that inner small voice. Are you listening?

Sometimes all it takes is me telling you what you already know and confirming your inner thoughts. Sometimes it's me giving you a whole new perspective, allowing you to evaluate it from a new angle.

I invite you to allow me the opportunity to help you in your walk with God. I will use my intuition to help you get the word you so desperately need to hear.
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