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Mother Dove
Mother Dove
YOU and only YOU are in control of your Journey!
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Eye opening answers to all of your Spiritual Questions. Experienced Life Coach and Psychic. Are you on the right path? What is your souls calling? What messages are waiting for you from spirit and your own higher essence?
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Above all else, I am mom to five little humans (Yes 5!) I believe thoughts are very powerful. Our thoughts and emotions shape our world and manifest into our daily lives. Everything is connected through energy and consciousness. I realized at a very young age that I had been blessed with Innate Knowledge, Intuition, and Perceptive Dreams. All gifts that I consider sacred. With the help of a few amazing spiritual mentors and their advice I strive to continue learning and growing on a soul level and my goal is to help many others do the same.

In the beginning, I used my abilities to raise my own spiritual awareness, later helping friends and loved ones do the same. I now work with thousands of clients throughout the US and UK. I have spent many years studying and perfecting my abilities in Astrology, Dream Divination, Numerology, Psychic Readings, Tarot, Spiritual Counseling, and Life Coaching. I consider myself a steward to all of those that seek my help. I receive great honor by assisting others to grow spiritually and gain the insight needed to reach higher levels of their consciousness. After all, this is a time in the Universe for unimaginable growth and understanding.
Approach to Topics
“It’s never too late to change the programming imprinted in childhood, carried in our genes or derived from previous lives; the solution is mindfulness in the present moment.” —Peter Shepherd

A Spiritual Reading from Mother Dove is very different than a typical Psychic Reading. If you are looking for worldly answers regarding day to day life or other people please see my other listings. A spiritual reading is very much about the individual souls journey and awakening. Whether you are new to spirituality or are already moving along a set path of beliefs and practices a spiritual reading will help identify blocks and areas to work through to get to where you were meant to be. Leading to immense growth on a soul level.

The focus during the reading will never be centered on anything that is beyond your individual control. Instead your reading will be geared toward accepting what cannot be changed and identifying ways to work on self love, healing, and your individual path. As a Spiritual Life Coach I will work as your mentor to help encourage and motivate you to work through change, which is never easy, but oh so rewarding. Our relationship can last for a single session but you have the option to continue working with me throughout your period of growth and change until you feel 100% confident in your own intuition and abilities to move forward without me.

I will use many different mediums tailored to each specific client whether that be medium-ship, tarot, numerology, astrology, past life regression, talk therapy, and thought prompting questions to name a few. I will delve into and connect with your higher essence to seek the answers you need. When determining areas that are holding you back suggestions will be made and even homework given. These assignments could include: meditations, affirmations, health and wellness routines, crystal healing, writing a letter to an ex, talking out your feelings, or even creating a music diary. The goal is to push you out of your comfort zone and release any negative baggage in a very loving, compassionate, and non judgmental way.

Spiritual readings are not designed for quick answers to simple questions. They are meant to be similar to a counseling session where a relationship with the mentor/coach and client is established. Spiritual readings are never generalized or given as a cold reading. In a Spiritual Reading I expect transparency, honesty, and willingness to get down to some really hard emotional stuff for your ultimate growth. Again focusing on you the individual and nothing outside of that. Once a reading is given you can expect follow up from me via email and my intention will be to hold you accountable for your own growth. Reminding you that you are the master of your destiny.

I do reserve and will utilize the right to deny any client a spiritual reading and direct them to a different type of reading if I feel you are not ready, not taking your growth seriously, and not putting in the effort required to awaken and embrace change.
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