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Sage of Santa Fe, NM, although PT for 17 yrs is now FT on Keen. Available most days from 9:00am-3:00pm MST to guide you with loving accuracy. No judgement. No false hope - just honest & direct answers. I care!
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My name is Cully, but my clients call me Sage. I inherited my in-depth gifts from family lineage. I am a Quantum Energy Healer and also a Tribal Oracle Carrier, which is an award of great distinction. I descend from the Cherokees that came to Oklahoma on the grueling Trail of Tears where many died along the way. Those that survived included the bloodline that later birthed my grandfather, Sequoia, who became a medicine man and Chief of the Cherokee Nation. I feel deeply honored to be descended from such extraordinarily strong, skilled and gifted survivors. Although they came before me, their spirit lives on inside me. It is through that birthright that I have been called to this work. Indeed, it is a Calling. I did not choose it. It chose me.
Approach to Topics
I stand by my readings on my name alone as is common in my down to earth ancestry. When I channel messages for you, I am reminded of those that came before me. I think of my family and my lineage of the Cherokee tribe whose ancestry echoes inside me, through the crown of my head, during each of my readings. My ancestors speak to you through my voice. Having had a vast range of spiritual teachings, as I have walked the Red Road all my life, I dig deep in my culture's ancient tradition to pry loose anything blocking your path. It is imperative that I tell you what spirit wants you to hear. I deliver the truth gently and with compassion.

I am an intuitive that has a strong sense of integrity regarding what I sense and intuit. I won't only say things that are easy to hear. Are you open to that? Would you prefer I be more gentle or truthful? Let me know when you call. Remember, the more information you provide for your reading, the better, because a reading is a partnership between the intuitive and the client.

According to my clients, not only do my readings resonate and ring true in the moment, they continue to ring true in the future. Often, timeframes have taken time to materialize, but materialize they do - the true sign of an inspired and connected medicine woman. That said, please note that I will not be responsible for timeframes manifesting to the exact date, although I have been told, often, that they do. I, like my ancestors, shoot arrows of wisdom straight to your heart in order for you to manifest your soul's most profound abundance.

Client Feedback:
"I have to say this is a connection with a psychic that I have never had before. She is an amazing, gifted person. Spoke on a high plane. Anyone reading with her will not be disappointed. She will bring the best she has. I got my answers and more."

"Before Cully, I was a skeptic. I didn't want to believe in psychic abilities. In fact, I'd fought my own such abilities for years. Cully knew things about me, my loved ones and my situation that she could not have known any other way but psychic ability. I am more convinced than ever that life, knowledge, information, all of it is energy, and that some of us are primed to receive it more clearly than others. Cully is a gifted receiver, and a good and decent human being. The reading she gave me was life-changing. I am grateful to the universe for leading me to her."

If you would kindly leave your feedback, as well, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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