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I am a self-taught Tarot card reader of 25 years and an attuned and certified Reiki crystal healer of 20 years. I started out as a reader with Dionne Warwick’s Network of Friends and eventually ended up taking an advanced class in Tarot card reading from the famous Miss Cleo. I have never stopped studying and learning new approaches to giving the best quality readings to you.

After decades of reading at parties and corporate events and taking calls on the side, I finally began advising full-time in 2020 - which was planned before the Pandemonium happened - and I am dedicated to using my gifts, with compassion, to help you gain clarity and control of your life.
Approach to Topics
Before logging in to take calls, I make sure I’ve had at least 16 oz of water and clear my space with selenite, I quickly get charges from my crystals and set the intention to help as many people receive their messages and empower everyone I speak with to do what it takes to take control of life and live to the fullest extent possible.
When the call begins, I’ll ask for your name and what you want to know. You can share the backstory if you like, but it’s not really necessary.

I’ll then shuffle the cards with your concern, lay them out, and give you the summary. This way, if the call is short, you get the general answer. But if the call continues, then I go card by card and discuss combinations and how I came to the summary, and what the Universe is telling you right now.

I look at colors, symbols, placement of symbols, card combinations, and the meaning of the actual cards when reading. I incorporate the energy of the Moon and its current phase and I may suggest some crystals or a relaxing exercise to ease anxieties. I hope you end the call feeling more inspired than when you called.
I am an open and affirming LGBTQ+ & BDSM-friendly adviser.
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  • Accurate · 99+
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