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I've heard it all and done most of it myself. My Tarot cards at my fingertips and my spirit guides at my side, I combine wisdom with experience.
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I came out in a small town in east Texas when I fell in love with a red-headed gal. That was just the beginning of my life that I grabbed by the fistfuls. After talks with church leaders and discussions with my parents, at 15 years old I attempted suicide. I then tip toed back into the closet, married the father to my four daughters, left (him) and stepped back into my life as a lesbian woman at 29 years old. Finding my spirituality as a Gay woman was a long and varied path.
I believe in Jesus and in my Spirit Guides as well as my Ancestors and their Ancient Wisdom. I believe in Prayer and Meditation and the Miracle of the Universe. Most of all, I believe in Love. I believe that when we actively show love to one another we are loving God and that is where Heaven resides. John 13:34
I have been reading Tarot and the Bible for 30+ years. I live in Austin, Texas with my loving wife of over 14 years and our cats.
Approach to Topics
I will meet you where you are. I primarily read Tarot but I do include any extra information that I get from my spirit guides; sometimes, not always, including smells, feelings, words, instruction, pointed questions and advice. I give answers as I read them, if I don't like what I see I will tell you anyway. I am an optimist and I am gentle, I do this with compassion but to be sure, I am still honest and true. Some of my spirit guides can be sassy and I may sometimes emote with a curse word, but only where appropriate. (it's rare)
I know a number of tarot spreads but usually read conversation style. You can ask a question (the clearer the question the clearer the answer) or if you don't have a question I can do a general read and go from there.
If you choose me as your psychic and you've actually read this far, I encourage you to rate me with Keen's five-star system, please and thank you! I look forward to serving you.
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