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Since I was a child I've been able to feel peoples emotions whether I wanted to or not. I've been able to feel their truths, their roots, and other emotions hidden inside. Gifted with such a powerful responsibility - - I did not choose this, it chose me. Though frightening as a child, what I soon came to realize is that this gift also came with a guide that would eventually manifest as a calm subtle voice that only exists inside. I call that voice, "The Guide Within the Gift". In time I learned to surrender myself to become a student of said gift. In surrendering my will, I received a mastery of understanding in this internally divine honor that I have been destined with.

Current day, now equipped with a background in Spirituality and in Metaphysics, I am honored to share this gift with you. Still today I can not fully explain how these gifts are made possible. Nor can I explain why I am able to meet a stranger and accurately describe to them their deepest feelings, truths and certain thoughts that plague their mind. I am only a vessel, my spirit works as my life's true guide.

What I can say, is that with your permission, using solely the spirit guide within, I will tap into your feelings and energy space to help you you find the answers to that of which you seek. Often times the feelings that we have are from deeply rooted beliefs, ways of life, outdated thinking patterns and/or other entities, or energies that surround. Some things do not belong to us. Some things that we feel and struggle with are from energies and/or entities that have somehow seeped into our spirits. Together we can find what belongs to you, what doesn't, as well as the answers to some of the life questions you seek to know.

Contact me now so we can take the first step together.

Wishing you ...
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Using solely the spirit guide within me, with your permission, I will tap into your feelings and energy space to attempt to understand what may be going on around you, as well as within you, so that you may receive the guidance to that of which you seek to know.
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