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Lowered price line for regular callers by invitation ONLY please. If you are a regular caller, send me an email and I will turn on the line for you. Please do NOT use this line without asking me first.

Often in the middle of my readings I am given a message..although it seems unclear to me..its very very clear to the caller.

I was doing a psychic reading, when I smelled and heard "baked bread". I gave the caller the message and it turned out her grandmother had handed down her family bread recipe to her. I have also helped people find missing wills, etc.

A man came to visit me. He handed me a family photo and told me nothing. I read about everyone in the pitcure. When I got to a young boy, I felt cold, I saw a red vehicle, smashed on the rear left, etc.....this professional white color (and probably non believer) grew white and quietly said "yes my son died in an auto accident". I was able to give him many messages to help him with his healing.

I will tell you things that ONLY you and them can know.

Please call, it is very warming to me to help people receive messages and find peace. We ALL have unanswered questions, lets communicate with our loved ones and get these answered.

In conjunction with this reading is DREAM INTERPRETATIONS" Often our dreams are strong messages and answers from our guides, angels, and relatives. These can be answers to your questions (does he love me? who will I marry? will I get the job?) or they can be warnings of people and places. NO two dreams are alike. The standard meaning of an item in a dream that a store bought book gives you can have 20 different meaning...you need an experienced psychic to tie the dream together for you. I give detailed information on your dream, including who is sending it to you. For example a snake can have 10 different meanings, a phone can have over 30 entirely different meanings, both negative and positive. Don't rely your spiritual dream message to a book store book, call me today. Connecting with the crossed over does not happen instantly all the time. It is a gift that comes at times.
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This line and special rate is for my regular callers. I want to honor them for their dedication and give them lower rates, and for them here is something special. Here is a reduced price line for my frequent and regular callers. This line is by invitation only please. If I send you an email or tell you on the phone you can use this line, then please do so. Please do not use this line without an invitation. This is for my regular callers who have called for many years, many years. Do email me and ask me before using this line.

I read quickly, accurately, honestly and very detailed.

I looking forward to talking with you.

Love ya
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