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Psychic Brock Graves
Psychic Brock Graves
Psychic Brock Graves
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I am a psychic clairvoyant, specialized in life paths, energy reading & divination! I'm very black in white when it comes to what I see. Fast & no beating around the bush!
I have been reading since the age of twelve. My path has been blessed in two.. Meaning.. I am an identical twin to Brandt Graves. Given both two very different abilities, our gifts have been given to us to help this world evolve. To bring light into the darkness & help one another to realize the potential and the power we all, as spritual beings hold. Both of our abilities have followed us from young children into the adult world. Fighting years to accept who I am, & running from the truth that I've seen. I have chosen to finally embrace it. I am, Psychic Clairvoyant Brock Graves.
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I am a psychic clairvoyant. Most information I relay to my clients, come from deceased loved ones whom meet my soul in the world of spirit in order to pass messages to those of the living. I'm highly intuitive & messages from my guides are very straight forward & to the point. Tarot cards are used as a vocal point for me in a reading, they help guide my ability to bring about the highest accuracy in your reading. My goal when working with the souls of others is to help bring about understanding there purpose here on this earth.. From carriers to love life, I am here to help bring about clairity.
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