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Quantum Heart
Oracle, Energy Healer, Light Worker
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Hi Dear Ones: It's a joy to intuitively guide your journey to empowerment with self love, career, soulmates, family, abundance with any questions you may have where you feel blocked and are ready to move forward!
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Let me introduce myself, I'm Shannon... I have been working behind the scenes for well over a decade with clients and friends with my spiritual coaching. I am an Intuitive, Oracle, Certified Theta Healer, Reiki Healer and yogi of 23 years. Documented the path of Shamanism and its many healings and energy medicine while also being attuned to rites in the lineage. Combing ancient wisdom, biology, nutrition and modern science is my life path of helping others transform their lives... It has been an amazing adventure helping others purify their mind and seek what is truth to move through unconscious behaviors into new ways of recreating the life you truly desire. If you are wanting to make a change, I am here to support you and help you gain knowledge of what is holding you back from your highest potential. I'm also a filmmaker who has documented and interviewed hundreds of people around the globe! My life has been one big sociology experience that I hold so much gratitude for with helping others transcend and transform in this time of deep planetary ascension.
Approach to Topics
My approach is to gently tune into what my clients are wanting to work on for the day. Together we will scan your energy field and see what blocks may be showing up in the auric field. From there I can do a multitude of different readings, addressing limiting beliefs that are holding you back and psychic loops that keeping your brain's neural pathways from opening up to all you desire. I will take you into different areas of your life you wish to address, so we can better understand and witness what is the root cause for not allowing you to live your best life and access your mastery. We will discuss techniques of how to get your intuition and psychic gifts firing so you can move more fluidly through your daily experience and bring higher vibrations and new timelines into existence. Your beautiful intentions are waiting for you to unlock yourself and release all old outdated beliefs that hold you back. I support you on this transformation.
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