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Readings By Rakael
Readings By Rakael
Relationship & Career Spiritual Insights
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What does he/she feel and want? Will things work out? Clear the confusion and find out spot on details. Receive spiritual wisdom on RELATIONSHIPS, CAREER and MONEY matters. Reclaim your happiness and peace of mind.
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Namaste ! My name is Rakael.

This Peacock is my spirit animal, guide and protector. On one of my many travels around the world, he spotted me out in the desert and led me towards the path of spirituality.

It was a tumultuous time personally, series of setbacks and a near death experience had brought chaos. At a low point, when next steps looked blurry and nearly impossible to take, he reminded me to be confident, brave and own my truth. Through appearances in my dreams using symbols and messages, he encouraged me to explore the spiritual world in-depth. I began connecting with my intuition, gaining new awareness into the subconscious and eventually realized my gifts of seeing and hearing.

To develop my abilities and skills further, I trained with spiritual masters on the west coast. I have certifications in Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy. I also have a Masters degree.

For over 20 years, I have conducted numerous (over 40k on Keen alone )intuitive sessions online. I have served people from all walks of life - business executives, lawyers, artists, students and even celebrity song writers and actors on various Relationship, Career and Finance related matters.

It is my absolute pleasure to provide you with valuable insights and assist you in navigating through life towards a happy and a prosperous future.
Approach to Topics
My approach towards spiritual readings is empathetic, simplistic and realistic. You won't hear any woo-woo jargon that is hard to comprehend much less apply to daily lives. I am mindful of your feelings and hope to provide accurate, meaningful insights to add positive value to your journey.

I treat my clients the way I like to be treated - with respect, integrity, compassion and confidentiality. You can expect 100% truth from me, which also means that some times the readings can go against your personal hopes and desires. Its just how life is for all of us. I promise never to compromise just to make you feel good at the moment. That would be a disservice to you and bad karma for me.

I am quick and straight forward. So when you call or chat with me, I will get to your questions right away. No unnecessary chit chat, asking for leading background information, all I need is your first name and your question. Once I tune in within a few seconds, I will provide you with your answers in an easy to understand manner.

You can ask me any question that concerns you, be it serious or light, on any topic. I do not judge.

I encourage you to understand how psychic readings work, especially the concept of Timing. We all want things instantly, in our timeframes. When in reality, God, has a plan for us, called Divine Timing. If I give you a timing, please know there are many variables for it to come to pass - emotions, free will are two. If an event has not come to pass on the day I said, it does not mean reading is wrong or things have changed. It may just happen later.

The more you trust and surrender to God, easier and more peaceful your life will be. We cannot control people, events and outcome, a lot of the times. Letting things unfold as and when they are supposed to has always worked wonderfully for me and therefore I recommend.
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