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Rene Soul Messenger
Rene Soul Messenger
Soul Messenger & Intuitive Counselor
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Psychic, Medium and Intuitive Counseling
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Imagine Sherlock Holmes and Archangel Gabriel had a baby. That's me. I have been drawn to study the metaphysical since I was a child. I remember searching in the library for books on mystery and angels. By the time I was in high school I was reading Jane Roberts. In college I barely passed my exams. I was more interested in reading books by Edgar Cayce and Shirley MacLaine. By my early 20's I was doing past life regressions and processing an extremely difficult childhood. One of which includes a near death experience I had as a child.
After years of self discovery and inner work, I am now in place where I want to share my psychic gifts.
Approach to Topics
I refer to myself as a soul messenger and intuitive counselor. I am in my element talking about intensely personal issues and metaphysical experiences. I am here to guide you in a safe and sacred space.

When I read for someone, the first thing I do is ask the person how I can help.
During a reading, I go into a quiet place, ground myself and ask for both of us to be protected and to serve your highest good. Once I interpret what is appropriate from these messages, we engage in a dialog. I will continue to receive messages for you during our conversation.

I have had hundreds of readings myself. I know some readers told me what I wanted to hear. Some readers are abrupt regardless of the message. Their descriptions clearly state not to contact them if you don't want the truth. While I can't guarantee I will tell you what you want to hear, I can tell you I will do my best to walk with you through it.

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