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Rose of Angels
Rose of Angels
Spiritual Awarenes 40yrs exp. Souls Long for Truth
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Growing with in, Let me Help you see your true higher self, letting you grow inside, to rely on your own inner voice, of true knowledge. truly do believe you get what you Pray for. Just ask your Angels
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Spiritual awareness is part of your self.
you with in your own being have dreams and goals.
myself i have been working on my spiritual self for a very long time
i seek knowledge.
having crossed several time i know there is more to death than just going poof you are gone.
there are many doors to go thru or choices you make in life that will affect your after life
i will help you as much as i can find that inner peace.
having had a coroner put a toe tag on me gave me a great deal of experience.
at one point you have to face your after life...
Approach to Topics
I will help you find Peace and Calm your Soul, as well as those who have crossed that are around you
I look into who you are asking about, if you are not dealing with them or in a relationship with them i can not read them for you. I can tell you who is coming into your life, i can see them. I can also guide you to finding your own inner strength and show you how to see your own visions.
some of my Clients have been with me for years, some get what they need and are gone. One of my clients called me when ever she hears her grandmother telling her to.. it took 2 yrs for her 2 become pregnant. it took a lot to guide her to her babies father.. granny was there all the way,, even to the point of describing an outfit she needed to get from Victoria's secret. she found it on the clearance rack as I had been told she would. she then sent me this>Rose-For whatever reason you have been on my mind. I suspect it's Granny telling me to call you. I hope you are well and I appreciate the love, light and truth that you have shared with over the years. I have attached a photo of the baby smiling, his name is Ryan. you were very correct! Melissa
Her Grand
Mother wanted her happy and now she is

It is truly wonderful to have an Angel Near By, I am Blessed with Knowing Mine.
I can see beyond & Speak to spirit so easily having crossed over myself so many times. they say you get a Gift when you come back.
I truly can Speak with Angels just as if I were speaking with you.

I have worked with Law Enforcement since I started reading, Just recently I was able to identify hidden blood, the missing mother of 5 said her husband had beaten her to death in her home and had missed evidence under the faucet. i was able to share that information and now the husband is being charged with Murder, his girlfriend will testify against him from what his now dead wife said.

May Your Dreams be Filled With Laughter Letting You Wake Up With Love in Your Heart and A Smile On Your Face.

p.s.I some people leave a bad comment & ratting when they don't get the answer they want..
If you are calling to speak a crossed Loved One Please know it takes a month for someone who has passed to be in Peace and release the Pain of their Passing

Be Blessed.

Remember You Are Loved by those who Crossed that might be Visiting you Right Now
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