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Seer Ereshael
Seer Ereshael
Manifesting Healing Change
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Inside of you are all the answers you seek, but other forces around you interact with your aura. Allow me to see, interpret, and reveal all the layers so all your questions become clear. Alternative sexuality friendly.
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Aura Cleansing
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Chakra Cleansing
As a child, I thought everyone could see the energy, auras and beings floating just out of sight, or in the place between dreaming and awake. Soon I realized others would question or outcast me if I revealed I knew or felt or saw. So I stayed in those dream lands and learned all about dream interpretations, and how each of us have this gift, some just more than others. We all can lift things, but it is those who go to the gym and lift alot of weight often, have more muscles. So too, with the soul and spiritual seeing. I found I was special only in that I was born with the talent to do more than most could in this area, but always felt compelled to help draw out everyone's innate talents, whatever they may be, to help them better be themselves. So I started allowing the arts of Palm Reading, Tarot Reading and many other forms of Astrology and Numerology, and it become my life as a teenager. And offered readings to my friends all the time in high school. Then I felt the deep calling to reach out and found myself doing readings over the phone in 1999. Then over the newly budding internet services in 2006. But it has only grown, deep inside, my desire to help others find their true potential. And that begins by connecting and helping you, with your questions and issues. Backgrounds help someone decide if the person you are reading about is qualified to help you, and if you believe or feel what they say to be true. I say if you are reading this it is for a reason, and it is my desire to take this opportunity and explore why we met by chance, or design, to interact and truly manifest what I came here to do. Make you a better YOU so your life is more prosperous , full of love, and manifesting all it is you need and desire. I say what I was born to do, isn't as important in what I have done for years, but rather why we met, and what we can create. It is in your hands now, take that step, make that choice, empower yourself, and manifest, We can do it together at first, but after we are done, you will be doing it every day, yourself, knowing we, at the Keen Psychic Family, are always here for you.
Approach to Topics
My approach is custom tailored to YOUR needs. I connect to the source of all things, and feel out your aura, your needs, how you interact with others, then interact with you as softly or strongly you need for the situations and life journey you currently hold and travel. This allows for both of us to ascertain deeply the surface issue, as well as the deeper affects and feelings inside yourself and around those you interact with. This means, with every reading, aura connection, and and session, we get deeper into the surface issues you have, while mending and working with the deep underlying issues that could be manifesting all of this. All the while problem solving, energy working, cleansing and sharing tools that will allow you to stay empowered and able to cope after the session. All the while having the confidence and knowing we can work together any time you wish to strengthen and renew personal space, auras, and solutions. But also knowing, being in the first session, or over multiple sessions, you will have walked away having the ability to maintain your learning and knowing, and cleanse the energy within you always. My approach, and goal, is to make you see, feel, and harness your own innate spiritual ability, and to manifest all you desires in your life, daily, and forever after. My approach and goal is to reveal and work within my specialties in the alternative sexuality and lifestyle communities that have developed over the years in personal experience. And after focusing my counseling over the years in these communities. I can help any and all, in all walks of life, and lifestyles, to better focus their energies to manifest their desires in all their lifestyles and needs, with love, and true manifestations . Every day and forever after.
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