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Shars peaceful deliverance
Shars peaceful deliverance
My guides will assist - I am be assured I CARE!
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I tap in pretty quick to what you ask -some conversation is required, my guides, your guides, my intuition will help assist through the questions fast - call, lets see what we can do! (this photo is actually a ghost!!!
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Since my beginnings I have been sensitive to situations. I was attuned as a reiki master in the late 1990's and have not looked back since. I learnt that actually what was happening with me was that I was picking up on others. I have since learnt about the boundaries and how to recognize what is mine and not. I have a large troop that work with me on an etheric level. Over the years I am self taught on most modalities and keep an active ear to ensure I am not in ego and accurate with what I do. I naturally and somewhat effortlessly help you in adjusting and healing through your stuff. My job is in service. What got me doing readings with confidence was as a client on Keen, met many varieties of people and soon realized that I am very natural at helping folks and i tend to be quite accurate. I have always been very interested in the arcanum factors and am not always looking to learn more, but I also teach all I can to empower you.

Approach to Topics
Honest!!! Gentle and fast. I rarely use tools. I listen what the guides share with me. I go through whatever sensation resonates with me loudest. There are times it is spoken, other times it is shown. I can honestly say it is innate in how I work. There are times that I feel in my own body what is going on. Honest first and foremost
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