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Sherri Columbus
Sherri Columbus
Intuitive Guide/Shamanic Teacher/Reiki Master
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I have worked HERE successfully in Love/Relationships but am guided to focus more on Spiritual guidance & Teaching. I am VERY skilled as a Life Coach. I work with Twin Soul Relationships.
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Hello my name is Sherri Columbus,

I am very intuitive.I was chosen to do this work & I accepted wholeheartedly. I live my life according to the guidance I receive. I was also led by Spirit to work with my hands as a healer as am Reiki healer. I have the honor of allowing my mind & body to be used as a vehicle for Spirit to bring information or healing energy to others. I experience sensations of prickles or chills throughout my face body when I am being communicated with...Music & song is a also a medium that is used to communicate messages to me & I will keep the radio on as I am ALWAYS being given messages through lyrics :) I am a Shaman a passion & I work with the Animal Totems Messengers or Power Animals as we call them. This is something that I have always had a natural affinity for but which I grew much more adept with during the time I lived in Sedona Arizona; was working with Shamanic energy there :) Animals , birds & insects of every kind speak loudly to me on a daily basis. They have various ways of coming to me, be it in the physical or by media. I am also educated in Dream Analysis & LOVE it as I have been given the gift of Prophetic Dreaming. This is not merely my work, this is my LIFE! I LOVE what I have been honored & blessed to do! :)
I want to make it CLEAR that I am NOT a Medical Doctor, nor do I wish anyone to make LIFE CHOICE decisions based on things that you hear me say. I am merely encouraging you all to listen to your OWN higher selves when making your OWN decisions. If the things I say confirm what you are choosing to do yourselves, then I trust you will follow your own intuition.
Approach to Topics
I am a spiritual TEACHER/ADVISOR and can help you understand how to connect energetically with loved ones, Call in your soulmate, advise you in business ventures & all relationship issues, help you understand what you will go through in a Twin Soul relationship. As I AM in a Twin Soul relationship myself, that is one of my paths, to GUIDE Twin Souls back together.
I am a Life Coach and I am VERY confident in my abilities and have the testimonials to back that. I have worked here on KEEN in Love & Relationships for a year VERY successfully, but, TEACHING is my true calling :)
I am very straight forward & honest in my approach. I work with many mediums to receive the messages I am given and I will tell you what it is SPIRIT wants you to know, not necessarily what YOU want to know. I don't give answers just to hold a client on the line. If I am not getting a clear answer I will tell you that. If I am getting a firm answer be prepared that I WILL deliver it. I give you the TRUTH as it is given to me. I work with the energy that I am shown and you must recognize that we all have free will and if I am not able to get an answer it may be that the person is not willing to share that information with me or have herself or himself read and I HONOR that. I am not a Gypsy fortune teller and in no way PROMISE you what your future will be! We all change daily in our thoughts and actions, and each time we choose a new direction the energy shifts.
I love the work I am honored to do and generally all calls are very pleasant. I will however END a call if I feel a client is becoming abusive. As I said this is my PATH and I am not here as a place for someone to vent their anger. I will do all I can to HELP you work through your distress but in NO means will abuse be allowed.
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