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"Amazing woman. Very spiritually in tune - her insights and visions are Incredible. I feel blessed to have found her, and will call again. Extremely helpful call, on a deep soul level."
I am not a reader that is suitable for everyone.

*Do you wonder if your current relationship is right for you, are you feeling like it is time for a change?
*Are you feeling like you are in a job that creates a void in your energy, ready to move on, but feel uncertain?
*Do you feel like you may have lost touch with your inner compass?

When you call me with your question, I will ask for guidance and answers that you are needing to hear at this time.

They may not be the answers and guidance that you are wanting to hear. As long as you are willing to listen with an open heart you will be guided to your truth. I promise to deliver that truth with compassion.

The power and ability to have a better or different life is always within You. It is never outside of you, within someone/something else.

Approach to Topics
I'm not a "magic 8 ball" reader. I can't pull answer out of thin air in 2 seconds. I need something to connect with, and that something is your energy and intent. If you are in a rush, or in a noisy environment where I can barely hear you, I most likely will have a hard time being able to connect with you in a more profound way.

Please be honest about the reason you are calling, ask a question that can get us to the truth of your situation by being specific. Allow your own heart to lead you, guide in asking the right question. The question itself is just as important as the answer. If we are asking the "wrong" question, then how can we find the right answer...?

I love what I do, and I pray to be of service to you. To assist you with compassion in whatever way I can towards your happier life.

I read in the near future ( about 3 months ahead) and cannot predict timing well.

I do not do general readings.

"What's my future?"
"What do you see?
"What's going on with us"

These are not question I can answer.
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