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Hi I’m Jared Michael. I’m an intuitive psychic, empath, professional mindset coach and visionary. My first memories of my psychic gifts date back to my earliest childhood memories. At only 2 years old I remember feeling extremely different from everybody else. I could feel everything other people were mentally thinking and experiencing emotionally intensely. As you might imagine, this was quite overwhelming for me as a young child, and I’ve had to do a lot of self-healing in my life to finally master all the anxieties my psychic gifts created growing up as an outsider.

Fast forward to now...

I currently operate as an intuitive psychic and certified professional mindset coach, and have working practices in both realms. Amongst my clients I’m well known for my high levels of E.Q. (emotional intelligence), along with my peculiar knack for comprehensively understanding the deepest inner workings and hidden crevices contained within the human psyche.

For as long as I can recall, I’ve always been fascinated with the mind. So I decided pursue these studies in university, resulting in becoming certified in C.B.T. (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and Positive Psychology. By combining my knowledge of both these studies, along with my empathetic sensitivity and psychic abilities, I feel competently capable and equipped to provide you with solid advice pertaining to Love and Relationships, Career or anything related to your Life Path.

My psychic intuition swiftly cuts to the core issues of the subjects or people in question. I promise I will absolutely leave no stone unturned in your needing with my ultra-precise and explicitly detailed descriptions. Everything you need to know now will be revealed, and you will walk away having discovered your situations true meaning.

My commitment is helping you, not to just feel heard, but also feel seen for who you truly are. My greatest wish as an advisor is to ground you in support and spiritually guide you in a direction that can ultimately fulfill your deepest most inner heartfelt desires and allow you to bring them into fruition.

A lifelong journey always begins with a single step towards a future that is overflowing with joy, passion and abundance, and it’s my honor to be your guide...
Approach to Topics
Serious Truth Seekers Only:
READ MY ENTIRE PROFILE BEFORE CONTACTING ME to properly ensure that my reading style is best suited to assist your needs.

I will ALWAYS be compassionate and non-judgmental in my delivery, but I WON’T spin fairytales or sugarcoat the truth.

My messages are not designed to tell you what you want to hear but only to reveal what you need to know. This may include information that seems sensitive or feels painful. It’s highly recommended you prepare for this possibility before our call. It is not okay to shoot the messenger by rating me lowly just because I happened to be the bearer of bad news.

I’m not here to win any popularity awards. I have zero interest in pumping you up with false hope or temporary highs of happiness to entice you into leaving me a raving 5-star review. I’d actually prefer to deal with an avalanche of negative feedback on my profile by those who I’ve set free with the ugly truth rather than endure a guilty conscience from knowing I left you stuck believing in pretty lies.

Unfortunately many psychics intentionally mislead people for profit. They supply information that makes you to feel addicted, dependent and forced to rely on them. The more consistently you contact these psychics, the more money they earn. They are skilled at dangling a carrot in front of your nose. One that you’re always chasing, but never quite catch, and if you do, it doesn’t last for long.

My approach is completely different. I guarantee the readings you’ll receive from me are unlike those you’ve experienced before. However I dislike tooting my own horn, so I invite you to read my reviews and see for yourself with what people are saying.

I recognize this is a premium based pay-per-minute service. I will conduct my readings as quickly as possible. I won’t ever waste time or your hard-earned money in keeping you on the line longer than required. However it’s practically impossible to give A QUALITY READING IN 2-3 MINUTES. I do not operate as a simple ‘YES or NO’ psychic. I specialize in offering sessions full of mind-blowing detail, and I recommend you allow yourself at least 10 minutes to receive this potentially life changing information.


* Take a few deep breaths. This clears your energy and makes it easier for me to tune into you.

* I require first names only. Both yours and any other people or points of interest that you’re inquiring about. With regards to job prospects, provide me with a keyword(s) that I can tune into.

* For readings regarding the timing of a next possible contact, please provide an estimate of the date you were last in contact, in order to receive greater accuracy.

* It can be very helpful to have a photo with you of whoever or whatever you are inquiring about during the reading (a photograph on your phone or another device is sufficient).

* Always have specific questions ready, but please ask them only one at a time. If you copy and paste details, be aware this won’t save time, because the primary way I connect is through tuning into your energy as you are TYPING.


I am not legally authorized to predict, give advice or answer questions related to the following topics**:

- Childbirth/Pregnancy
- Lottery Winnings
- Medical/Health
- Financial/Legal

**For more information; please see Keen’s Terms and Conditions.

Predictions on Timeframes:
This is NOT my specialty. Timeframes are purely estimations based on an infinite amount of interrelated factors. Including, but not limited to, the free will, choices and decisions of others involved, and why it’s not uncommon for timeframes to frequently alter and shift direction. While I do have an amazing track record of accuracy when estimating these windows in time, I certainly am not god and therefore cannot guarantee specific outcomes when it comes to timing.
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