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"Whoever Believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them" (NIV, John 7:38).
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John 7:38 'Rivers of flowing water will flow from the heart of those who believe in me.' I come from a heritage of prophetess from the mothers of my culture and ancestors, and I am a prophet of voice, sight, feeling, and hearing. As a child, I would walk up to strangers and distant friends and family, and I would speak to them as if I knew who they were and what they have been through; I did. My parents were told from friends and family that I would be a prophet of God, and they were right. As I got older, I grew more into the spiritual realm and I yearned for more, so I found a spiritual teacher/guru, and energy healer. After a few months of seeking guidance and then giving it in return, she told me that I was ready, ready to heal with the sound of my voice and the touch of my words, so I did that and searched for more. I found a place where I could connect with readers from all over, so I could grow for myself as a spiritual being. Some were freshly new in the area, and some were world renowned readers, so I offered my spirituality to them, by giving what I saw and felt. After years of doing that, I knew that it was time to give to so many more. I traveled to meet people, so I could enhance my ability with my voice and the way I walk. It also helped me with my healing, and I have grown my connection with God. This world isn't just a walk in the park with a light breeze and leaves rustling across the sidewalk; it's a realm of love vs. hate that defines the winds and leaves. I chose love, so as a follower and server of God, my gifts are to reach out to people like God has done for me.
Approach to Topics
I’m Tesla Bluu, a prophet of God, and Christian Advisor, so my services are spiritually based. I do a quick prayer to Christ on your situation, and I receive information through sight, feeling, hearing, smell, and taste. Depending on your situation or what we may be speaking about, it can be a very emotional chat because I solely work with God, and my sole purpose is to help you grow that connection with Him,as we speak. He shows me the past and the present, so I can help you understand your situation step by step. I take this very seriously, so I keep it 100% straightforward. I am here to help you, not make wishes. Yes, I will call out the negativity and wrong doing. You can’t expect positive change, when you live negatively! I do NOT offer time frames! Please, have clear and comprehensive questions! I do not need to know the situation, but do not give me a "tell me about my future." I will not take you seriously.
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