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The Lady Dee

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618 readings since 2016
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Spiritual guidance for 40 yrs - Lady of the Light
The Lady of the Light is a Master Psychic, Clair-audient, Clairvoyant, Dream Interpreter, Past Life Reader, Pet Reader, Tarot Card Reader, and finds lost items, people and pets for over 40 years. Call Now for the truth.
My Attributes
Destiny & Life Path
Spirit Guides
Deceased Loved Ones
Lost People & Pets
Past Lives
Dream Exploration
About Me
I have over 40 yrs exp working with your spirit guides on romance, finance and personal and professional life problems. I am clairvoyant, a dream interpreter, card reader and I read past and present lives for you, your family and your pets. I also
My Approach To Topics
I believe our spiritual health is our most important goal. To stay in balance and feel grounded and centered will get you through pretty much anything. And your spiritual connection brings you closer to your Highest Self and your Guides, who can help