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Titania ThunderLily HPS

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3 readings since 2018
Empathic Spiritual Advising & Life-Coaching
I am an Empath; I can see and feel the emotional state of others. I cannot read your mind, however, with the use of tarot cards and other divination tools, I can guide you on your path to spiritual wellness.
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Career & Work
Money & Prosperity
Destiny & Life Path
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Women's Issues
Dream Interpretation
Chakra Cleansing
About Me
About Me
I am a 2nd Degree High Priestess of Wicca in the ATC WiSE Tradition. I specialize in healing spiritual and emotional wounds through chakra cleansing, tarot, and dream interpretation. Together we will dive in to the main root of the issue, and work
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
I help you heal emotional wounds by analyzing patterns in your aura and comparing the results of different types of readings. I am always kind, compassionate, and caring. I make sure to listen closely to my clients’ needs so I can provide the most