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Violet Louise Psychic Medium
Violet Louise Psychic Medium
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Practical wisdom you can work with. Empathic, ancient stone work, Reiki Master, Long distance energy healer, Angel channeler. Over a decade of professional compassionate experience.
Approach to Topics
Hi, my name is Violet Mae. I read with accuracy, truth, compassion and empathy offering higher vibrations that enhance your connection to your beautiful guides in the energy of love and light. Every call will receive a level of healing that’s appropriate for the caller.

The knowledge you are seeking is in the connection of oneself and your loving Universe. I hold the channel for this communication to be strong, unbroken and to flow.

for healing, REAL ACCURATE ANSWERS. easy lunchbox solutions while working with your guides for your highest good so your wiser Highest Self will be present in your life to lead instead of your "student soul". There is no doubt that our call will pick you up with empowerment and re-route you on your correct path once again. The Light is here. The answers are here. You only forgot where to reach for it! This is where my esoteric gifts come into play.

I will also lead you back to learning YOUR Spirit’s language so you have the ability to hear the answers you so seek. Every person has access to this Divine Channel 24/7.

The Divine gifts that have been given to me as a child and with my executive corporate background, it allows me to channel the Divine message/answers accurately in ALL aspects of your life and easily. Knowing how to ask the questions and the method of channeling for your situation insures the precision.

Turtle, Weasel or Dove?

Questions you may ask yourself. “Am I ready to know the answers and to see it for what it is and not through the filters that entertain my ego?” “Is my partner/lover/spouse being honest with me?” “Is my boss attempting to take all the credit for MY creation and diligent work?” “Will my sweetheart (love interest) commit to full life together AND SOON?” “Am I prepared to do the work to heal my 3rd dimensional ego for personal expansion and
Spiritual growth so I may have a happy and fulfilling life?”

Don’t be troubled by your mind. The answers are within you and also surrounds you. However, if you have not been taught to communicate within or see how the outside world's messages are attempting, trying REALLY HARD, to get your attention... your ego’s feelings will lead into solitude and withdraw, fear and frustration or despair and disappointment. There is NO NEED for that!

There are those who are frightened to let go of the 3rd dimensional ego. As an Earth vessel, we all have stories we hold on to because it’s all we have. Without it, we would lose the world we created even though it's destructive to our bliss. I promise if you do let go of the “old” now in this fast ascension energy, you will indeed start living from the Garden of Eden.

I am a psychic medium that can assist you in all areas of your life including but not limited to, any type of love and relationships, career decisions, any and all entrepreneurial decisions and guidance on healing modalities.

Always remember, you will receive the gift of knowledge that is accurate, honest, compassionate, caring and from your Divine guides and Master teachers during our readings. You will be glad you did.

Welcome all, BIG blessings to you!
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