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Advisor Faye
Advisor Faye
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I can help you find the answers and the guidance you seek. Call if you want the truth delivered with compassion and respect.
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I was a teenager when I first realized that I have an extraordinary gift. I began to meditate and pray and it was revealed to me what I was to do with this gift that I was blessed with. I began to strengthen my gift of feeling what others felt and use it to help those around me. I was able to help people who are at their lowest find the light at the end of the tunnel. As I grew my gift the visions and messages began to flood in like crazy and I needed a way to organize them so they would make sense. That's when I started to study the tarot and use the cards as a way to keep the message clear. Since then I have used my gift to bless others, and learned along the way that honesty is the best way to go. I always tell people to not ask questions they do not want to know the answer to because I will tell the truth and nothing less. I hope to help you gain clarity and understanding in your current situation and can only do so if I tell the truth. I have been through every walk of life so I will never make you feel judged. Please call only if you are open to hearing the truth; good or bad.
Approach to Topics
I will never sugar coat or give a false reading just to get good ratings. My answers are honest and true. I will only tell you exactly what I see; I won't beat around the bush...I'm very direct, but also compassionate and kind. I will deliver honesty with respect and kindness.
I don't need birthdays, only first names.
I won't answer questions about death or about those who have left us; I can only feel the energy of those who are still with us today.
I won't answer questions about another reader's reading; I can only tell you what it is that I see.
I’m not judgmental and I will never make you feel like you are being judged. This is a safe place where you can talk to me about what’s going on and seek guidance on your situation be it about love, life, money, or just a general understanding.
Allow me to guide you to the answers you seek.

We all see and interpret our visions and messages differently and I cannot tell you what some one else saw, I can only tell you what I see. Also, I am NOT a medium and cannot tell you about anyone who has passed away, I can only see, feel, and hear things from those who are still here with us. I will not always tell you what you want to hear unless it is truly what I see. Sometimes I am shown things that are not what you want to hear, but I’m honest and true and will tell you what I see.
If it is truth you seek give me a call and I will be here to deliver the truth with respect and compassion.

** I stay away from time frames unless one is clearly given to me because time frames change according to people's choices.

**I don't play "test the psychic" either; you must come into the reading with an open mind to hear what is being shown to me. If the only reason you call is to "see if I'm really psychic" I will not be able to help you.

***If I am going to help you, I have to feel free to say the truth; I'm here to tell you the truth and to tell you what I see; to help guide you through your situation.

Call me if you are ready to hear the truth and nothing less. Ask about work, love, finances and I will give you a truthful answer with no fluff but tons of love and compassion without making you feel judged.

**Please try not ask general questions...the more specific your question is the more specific the answer will be. If you would like to ask a vague question please be advised that the answer will be quite general and vague as well.

***My readings are meant to guide you on a path of your own choosing. I am here to advise you based on what I see, hear, and feel not to predict your every step. You are in control of your own destiny. Call me to seek enlightenment and clarity as well as guidance on your journey.

Come with an open heart and mind and be ready to hear a truthful answer good or bad.

Please note that this is for entertainment purposes only and I cannot give medical or legal advice.
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