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As a practicing witch of 20+ years, I offer pure truth as my senses and practices graciously offer it to me. If that's what you want, please, come and find what seek.
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I'm a third generation psychic and as far I know the first practicing witch in my family. 12 geneations ago my family included my Grandfather (x12) Cotton Mather who wrote several papers and books about the Salem Witch Trials, and contrary to popular beief, due to fictional books, movies, TV shows, etc.) was a vocal opponent of the witch trials not only in Salem but everywhere. He was a true believer in witchcraft and investigated many incidents, which is why he spoke out against the use of little to no fact and just the word of an individual to find someone guilty; he also detested and proteated the barbaric forms of the executions of the victims. However, though he was never involved in the trials and hearings of Salem, he played a prominent role in the trial and execution of an alleged witch, and with his help Goody Ann Glover was found guilty and executed on 16th of November, 1688 in a Massachusetts town not far from Salem. The Salem Witch Panic began in 1692 and it's my personal belief is that my Great Grandfather spoke out against the things that were happening due to his realization that he sent ab innocent woman to her death based solely on the fact that she could only recite the Lord's prayer (at his demand) in Galiec and Latin but not English at trial; a trial that only came to pass because she had an argument with her mistress (Goody Glover was a housekeeper) and shortly after the mistresses children fell ill.
Our past lives and deeds do NOT soley lay in the past, they are part of us in reincarnation and the karma that comes along with our deeds affects our bloodlines. Goody Ann Glover was the first person to be accused, convicted and executed for witchcraft in America in the 17th century. Her trial and the methods and reasons of finding her guilty were used as a stencil in the Salem Witch Trials and others.
You could say that if it wasn't for my Great Grandfather, the Reverend Mather, the Salem Witch Trials may never had happpened at all. I would say it's quite ironinc that this man who holds great responsibility, in one way or another, for so many deaths of innocent people, has had several people with from his bloodline be born with extraordinary psychic gifts, and to top it off there's myself. It's been almost 350 years and with his blood running through my veins I can proudly state that I am indeed a witch and I along with so many others no longer have to hide anymore or ever again!
I learned of this about 10 years ago and was astonished to say the least that I was realted to that man, but I was not surprised of what became of his bloodline. The past will always catch up with you and karma and balance don't have time limit.

My gifts were teuly first realized when my father, a stromg psychic, who passed away when I was five years old. He went into the hospital & that night he went into a coma. 3 days later I had a dream of him picking me up, giving me a kiss, and then put me down, told me I was going to be okay, whispered "Goodbye babygirl, I love you and will always be with you" before walking away onto the beach & dissapearing. He had passed that night but my mother didn't tell me until the next day, after she collected herself to do so.

Before and after his death my spirit guide has shown herself to me in both joyous and painful times in my life, and has lead me to the path I'm so grateful to be on now. My gift for reading tarot came in my late teens, and then developed further when I explored Oracle readings. Most of my intuition comes from the Oracle spreads/readings and is enhanced by shorter tarot spreads. My clairvoyance and clairaudience comes into play when I'm meditating over the Oracle spreads while listening to my client's voice. This is when past lives and spirit guide or guides of the client come through and show me what needs to be conveyed through the cards and through flashes of images, sounds & feelings.
At the moment I do readings for Keen and on the side perform an array of spellwork.
Approach to Topics
Using my gifts and the energy I recieve from clients, I am able to read the cards for more than what the average person can see or feel. My empathic abilities mixed with a client's energy allows me to feel their excitement, apprehension, confusion, joy, and of course their pain. That energy tunes me into not only to the life they're living now, but also reincarnations from past lives, and the spirit guides that have been with them through those reincarnations.

I work with other entities in readings and when I do spellwork. In fact, if you look at the center picture in the last group on my page, at first glance just looks like smoke....look again!

As far as spellwork, we can speak through messages and address what you need from love, to employment, to help you along the path of the craft and mush more. I also create vessels which hold willing entities to help you with what you want and need

In nomine, Hecate!
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