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Gifted Tarot Reader and Empath that will provide you with guidance on love, career, relationships & more. I will tell you what they are thinking and feeling. Let's see what the future holds!
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Destiny/Life Path
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I’m a gifted Psychic, Tarot Expert, Dream Expert and a Reiki Master, who can relay messages directly from Spirit. I am a natural born psychic and I was always in tune with anything supernatural as a child, then in my mid-thirties I began walking a Shamanic Path and the doors to mystical world blew wide open. I have a special connection to animals and nature and am always getting signs and omens from them. I believe that we all are born with psychic abilities.

I began working with the Tarot after I visited with my first Psychic as a late teenager and I got hooked! I started doing readings for myself and some friends, then did some extensive training with several Tarot Teachers, then went out on my own and have been doing readings ever since. The Tarot is my favorite tool and I see so much when I read these cards! They are a portal to the Divine and allow me to access the Akashic Records.

My Spirit Guides are Native American and I work with the Ascended Masters and the Arch Angels, especially AA Michael and AA Ariel. I also work with Mary Magdalene. My Totem Animals are Owl, Buffalo and Mountain Lion, and I teach classes on Discovering Your Spirit Animals, Dreams, Psychic Development, Tarot and Personal Empowerment.

It is my pleasure to assist you in getting the answers that you seek—I love helping people! I believe there is an answer or solution to most every problem, and one should never give up! I'm big on prayer and intention and I firmly believe in God and miracles (God is my supply and it never runs dry). The most important point for manifesting anything is to first see the end result as if is has already happened. Trust and Faith are key ingredients, as well as repeated affirmations and envisioning your desired outcome.

I will give you compassionate insight, guidance, and the support that you need to help you accomplish your goals, or to live your dream. We all get stuck and confused sometimes, and it can be a blessing to get answers on a current situation so that you can make the wisest choice, whether it be a relationship or a career move, or anything that is troubling you.
Approach to Topics
I am honest and will tell you what I see, but I am also compassionate and understanding. My goal is to provide you with answers, clarity and/or solutions. I can see what is happening in your past, present and future as well as the energies/emotions surrounding the situation that may be preventing you from moving forward or getting what you want. Please Note: I don't do General Readings, but I will answer any specific questions that you may have.

I mainly use the Tarot, as well as Lenormand, but I also use other cards, such as Native American Spirit and Animal Medicine cards because I’m very connected to that energy and it is always spot on! I also have other areas of expertise that I can help you with: meditation, prayer, manifesting, animal totems, dream interpretation, mediumship and more. Feel free to ask me about these other methods and practices during our session and I will be happy to include them for you!

I can provide details on any situation! I specialize in Relationships (I will tell you what he/she is thinking and feeling) as well as Career (I can provide details about your current place of employment, or a new job). I don’t judge and will give you honest and compassionate guidance to your questions and concerns, or assist you with any challenge. I will provide you with accurate insight and clarity on any topic, including jobs, money, romance, any kind of relationship issue, spiritual guidance, and more. I'm straightforward, fast, considerate, and kind.

Do you seek meaningful answers about your relationships? Are you searching for the next career move? Are you having trouble making decisions? Need answers or guidance to help make your dreams come true? Let me help you like I’ve helped hundreds of other clients.



TIMEFRAMES: I will provide a timeframe but know that time is fluid and can change for any number of reasons, so I won’t guarantee timing.

I'm usually on Keen in the afternoon or evening. I do not have a set schedule, but my availability is flexible. If I'm not online, Keen has some great connection tools that you can use: PING Me, and we can arrange a mutual day & time, then you can make an APPOINTMENT, or you can select ARRANGE A CALL.

My Policy:
Due to Keen's rules, I am not allowed to give medical advice, legal advice or financial advice.

Endorsed Strengths
  • Accurate · 65
  • Detailed · 65
  • Honest · 65
  • Kind · 65
  • Helpful · 63
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