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Belladonna Laveau APs
Belladonna Laveau APs
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10 minutes for $1.99
Fast, Detailed and Proven Accuracy!!! Psychic Readings from an expert in the field of Divination and Esoteric Studies. Find out the difference a direct connection makes.
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I am Dean of a College of Spiritual Awareness and Divinitory Arts. I am the one the psychics come to for training and advice. Many of my clients are political leaders, stars, and affluent members of our community. I have been a spiritual counselor for over three decades and have been seen on television, heard over many radio interviews, and the subject of many magazine articles. I am a published author, and accomplished writer. I have been successful in helping authorities find lost persons, as well as helping clients find keys, pets, and lost loves. My life has been dedicated to helping others find their way to their true path. Many Angels guide me in this endeavor and provide me with the information I need to fulfill this destiny. I am a Reiki Master and Archpriestess, with a Master's degree in Esoteric studies.
Approach to Topics
I've been psychic since I was 5 years old. God has spoken to me all my life. I live in deep connection to spirit within a tabernacle sanctuary, and converse with those across the veil daily. I can connect with you spirit guides, or another's and tell you what is happening and what will happen if things continue on their current path. I can also contact departed loved ones, review your past lives, relieve you of emotional blockages and karmic debt, and retrieve lost pieces of your soul if need be. I can do everything from repair broken souls, to just pointing out the right direction. Find a secret key to your perfect future. Call me now.
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