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THIS IS DIFFERENT & SO MUCH BETTER - I integrate your date of birth into the sacred ancient science of the Cards so that you enjoy a New Superior Illuminated Advantage and BETTER CONTROL OF YOUR DESTINY.
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Good Greetings, my name is Rev. Thabiti, aka 'The Rev' and I am the inventor of the 'Personal Time-Map System.' I am a scientist, astrologer, Tarot Card Expert, an ordained minister, a meditation and yoga instructor, an international fasting expert and the author of several books including 'All About You' and 'The Secret Wisdom of the Ages.'

Most people and especially ALL of my clients refer to me (because of the Personal Time-Map System) as THE WORLD'S MOST ACCURATE PERSONAL FORECAST EXPERT.

I am now a featured writer here at Keen please check me out

Approach to Topics
I use the tarot deck in a rediscovered mathematical way according to ancient science. I provide you with names and dates and what to expect. Unlike anything else in the world I CAN SHOW YOU WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE FROM ANYBODY ELSE'S POINT OF VIEW anytime you provide their birth date. There are no Psychics or Astrologers that can do, match or surpass the truthfulness, accuracy, abilities and capabilities of this powerful world exclusive system rooted in ancient science. The Personal Time-Map System integrates our date of birth with Universal Laws governing our existence as structured in the ancient science of the Original Tarot Cards.

Always remember, the Real Name of The Game in Life is to succeed in these 4 suits or 4 areas -

1. Emotionally ♥ Hearts or Cups

2. Mentally ♣ Clubs or Wands

3. Financially ♦ Diamonds or Pentacles

4. Spiritually ♠ Spades or Swords
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