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I look to the BlueSkye 4 clarity.Is it Destiny,Kismet fate,Star crossed lovers-Romeo Juliet,Karmic connections,Twin flames not same as soul matesKindrid spirits?Predictions not written in stone. Put me in your favorites.Ty!
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Hello- nice to meet you! *****please take note readings. Have Questions ready. Thank you*****
In my Blue Skye persona is where I have given thousands of professional readings.
My connection to Tarot Cards is deeply rooted from my childhood.
One of my first memories is of Great Grandma (4 years old) passing away. My full blooded Italian Great Grandma was an herbal healer, early 1900’s. My famGreat Grandma manifested itself into the ability to read Tarot Cards intuitively.
Growing up I would listen, intrigued as my family would read the Tarot cards for other people. They were relatives from grandpas side of the family. They threw their decks out! I would get them from the small metal trash can on the side of Grandma’s house; I would sit looking at the Tarot cards. I’d wonder what they meant. So I have always had a special deep connection with Tarot Cards. I’ve been told it’s a past life connection as well!
As a 3rd generation intuitive Tarot reader, I am blessed with the ability to bring clients to an understanding of their questions, problems and situations. I am no better than any other reader.
My specialty is love ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I overhand shuffle and or shuffle however the spirits move me. I do not read anny one card on its own. I relate the cards to your question annd placement of them. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and relationships, however, I see the dynamics of a great many other areas in life, such as homes, career, trips travel etc.
Have your questions ready and call today for your reading. My two degrees help deepen my understanding of people in life! Please call. Magic or spells is not part of my background. Thank you !
Approach to Topics

The name Blue Skye comes from my meditative process. Before I begin a reading I look to the Blue Skye above. I ask for clarity and guidance; light my candles to reconnect to my spirit guides. Together we can find the answers and clarity you seek. I absolutely NEVER guarantee any timing! Nothing is written in stone! People can change their minds! According to Keen Policies I do not give out any kind of legal or medical advice. I am not a licensed psychologist or anything like that. I am here to read your cards and give you what your card say and what messages the universe holds for you. Also please note— when you ask the cards spirit guides questions accurate information generally gives accurate outcomes. I am not a hundred percent correct on every reading every question? Wouldn’t that be amazing in life to always be right and always have right answers?! I do my very best for all my Keen clients !!!!!!!
Tarot cards give enlightenment on areas you have questions about in your life. I need the first name of the person you are asking about,

I regularly cleanse my tarot decks, and collection of crystals. Some crystals I have had since I was a child in a box next to childhood Wonder Woman paper dolls! Am I dating myself?
When you call with your questions you have my full undivided attention. I look forward to helping people from all over the world with my abilities each day. My true calling is being there for you!I am on Keen 7 days a week! I can not guarantee trimming, or outcomes. You are in charge of your own decisions. I do have and use crystal ball and several pendulums. I have a driftwood pendulum, amethyst, black onyx rose quartz, and. Different pendulums to confirm your questions My card readings stand for the reading I give. You have my undivided attention when I read for you! I do not do other tings during any reading. People and cards can change. Not set in stone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call me today! *** I reserve the right to block belligerent clients. According To Keen policy I do not do readings on death dying miscarriage pregnancy any health related topics or legal matters thank you no get rich quick or loose weight fast schemes either! I do not guarantee timing. But else can take a look at timing. I hope you call today! I look forward to hearing from you!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!
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