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One of KEENS Rising Advisors delivering Clarity with Honesty and Accuracy. When you want to know what to do…when you want find find out if they are coming back…when you want to know if they are being faithful…ask now.
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I am an eclectic mix of education and psychic experiences. I have a degree in Arts and Sciences, working not only in the medical field for 20 years but currently as a professional Artist. My Tarot education is through Biddy Tarot, with an Advance Degree through the Center of Excellence, and Mentoring by Sal Jade. I have various certifications including Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Ordained Minister, Healing with the Arts Practitioner, Taropist and Soul Coaching.
It is through my Claire senses that I had brushes with the occult and psychic encounters. I have walked through Spirits and their energies because I could smell their fragrance. I have had prophetic dreams that unfolded as they were foretold. I have always been able to read energy because I am an Empath and Clairsentient. My personal Journey through Tarot began with the loss of my Mother. It is always my goal to provide honest, ethical, and psychic readings.

Here are some often asked questions….

How do I get the most out of my reading?
Every good Tarot reading begins with a question or a situation. When asking your question it is highly important DO NOT BE VAGUE. It is really important that you are honest, that you be very specific as to what you are wanting to know. If a clarifying question is required like, “tell me a bit about the situation you find yourself in“, it is simply to make sure that there is no ambiguity. Often times seekers think that clairvoyance means mind reading and that is quite simply not true. Clairvoyance is one of the clair senses and means clear site. Specifically having clear site to read the situation through the tarot cards. That is why it is highly important to be detailed and open and honest with your questioning.

What do I need to know about a chat reading?
Chat readings can be quite wonderful they give you a little bit of a buffer and can be done in a timely manner. Chat is not perfect. There are many times because I use the Voice dictation, that what I say is simply not what comes out in chat. If ever you are not getting the clarity that you need or you feel as if things are scrambled in the word department please just say so I am happy to either rephrase, or re-explain.
It is never productive to not ask for clarification to questions in a chat and then simply reference it in a Feedback response as being “unclear, who can understand that, I don’t know what the hype is about”.

I am in alignment with my truth. I absolutely will not lie but try to deliver the truth with as much kindness as I can. How people handle the truth is often uncovered and reflected in their reviews. I am really a conduit, these are not my truths but the truths revealed in the cards.

When I was in my late twenties we took the kids on their annual Iowa State Fair vacation. We stayed with family in an old farm house in a small rural town. I remember vividly kissing the kids goodnight, and going upstairs to sleep. Later that night I was awakened to one of the kids footsteps. I could hear their feet gently being placed on stairs, one by one. I heard them come into the room. My eyes still closed, I felt them come to my side of the bed. I opened my eyes at the same moment I felt their presence and I asked, “what do you need”….and there was no one there! Something was there, I could feel that, but it wasn’t one of the kids.
This was my first psychic event, and one of many.
It was events like this, that have led me to Tarot.
I have had dreams that could tell the future, and continue to do so.
In one of my dreams our renters/buyers were behind on the house payment. I had, a ‘weird dream’, I recanted to my husband the next morning. In that moment, the future was spoken and we got a call. Our renters were two months behind on the house payment. This continued psychic knowing has driven my practice.
I am not new to reading Tarot, although I am new to this platform. I deeply believe that my Psychic abilities will bring clarity to your reading.
Approach to Topics

As a spiritual counselor and energy mover, Dalenay uses tarot, clairsentience (ability to feel what another being is feeling), mediumship, and reiki to help you to gain clarity, remove blocks, and heal other life traumas. She will also work with guides and higher dimensional energies to facilitate energy shifts and relay helpful messages to positively support you in your process. The ultimate goal is support you in connecting with your own higher self, energy field, and your healing process. She will use Soul Coaching, Tarot Spell Craft, Grief Mindfulness and Tarot Therapy as a Taropist through KEEN email. I honor our time spent and keep all readings at my high heart space.
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