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Desert Moon Tarot
Desert Moon Tarot
Gentle, loving guidance.
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Greetings! I'm Stacy. With my natural warmth, and heart full of gratitude, you'll find me as easy to talk to as an old friend.
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Hello! Thank you for visiting my profile. have many years of experience as a spiritual healer, light & energy worker, and in divination. I was born an indigo child, an earth angel, and have inherent intuitive and strongly empathic traits. I use tarot cards, oracle cards, my own self-designed yes/no/maybe deck, as well as other oracle decks I designed myself.

When you call, I don't need anything beyond your first name, or the first names of anyone you are asking about. I don't need your zodiac sign or birthday.

I will not waste your time and ask the same of you. I offer guidance, not predictions or fortunes, so when you reach out, please have a heart as open as mine is, and understand that a reading will take more than 1 minute.

I've studied and practiced divination, affirmations, energy work, light work, tarot, and various divination modalities. I learn more as practices call to me. I have strong intuitive and empathic traits, which enable me to see through to the heart of the matter. I may not tell you what you want to hear, but I'll tell you what you need to know.
Approach to Topics
Readings and guidance benefit most from real connections. I am able to connect with people on profound levels, while remaining in a vision of clarity. You'll find me warm, loving, comfortable, and easy to talk to. I hear every day how comforting my voice and demeanor is. I utilize both tarot and oracle decks, some of which I designed and created myself, to give my callers as many ways to get the answers they seek as I can. I will usually ask if the querant has a preference for tarot or oracle, and go from there. I use candle magick and crystals to create a welcoming environment for my guides and a relaxing one for myself when I do readings. I call upon the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine as needed, as well as guides and intuition.
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