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Diamond Merkaba
Diamond Merkaba
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Only the truth will set you free! Fast, Caring, Honest, Compassionate! Empowering Women for over 40 years!
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Natural born psychic with strong connection to my spirit guides; we get you answers quickly without hype or fairy tales. A psychic's psychic for over 40 years, radio host for over 4 years, advising international and elite clientele. I will not lie to you or spin you a fairy tale that you want to hear for an instant shot of "happiness". The truth is the only thing that will help you see the light and grow.
Approach to Topics
IMPORTANT NOTICE: (Kindly READ BEFORE CALLING) Do not call if you cannot ACCEPT the TRUTH. I'm not selling "Fairytales"
AGAIN, if you want to hear ONLY what YOU WANT to hear. DO NOT CALL ME.

Reading Tarot, various decks, for over 40 years for International and VIP clients. Listed as one of America's Famous Psychics.

Please DO NOT CALL if you don't know how this works, think I’m God, or a Genie granting wishes, OR AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you think you can use a left over minute or two or a FREE 1, 2, or 3 minutes given gratis for a full reading from me. It does not work that way.

Also, be mindful that timing is very rarely given by Spirit. If I get a timing for your question, I will tell you, if not, then don’t ask. As Spirit always says when pushed for timing, “tell them that they are on a need to know basis and they do not need to know right now. Personally, I think it’s Spirit’s way of forcing us to Trust.

I will give you what you need to hear! How you make your decisions is up to you. Remember that your destiny is not set in stone, and there's nothing to prevent you from altering the outcome! Circumstances can and probably will change, based upon things that you do or don't do or have no control over!

Why stay STUCK in any situation that is going nowhere? Let go and surrender to your best and highest potential!

I am here to help you see things as they truly are and to give you the tools you need to overcome the obstacles that keep you from moving forward. We all get what we need when we need it most. Contrary to the much publicized "Law of Attraction" life is not a genie's lamp wherein we are granted "wishes" and get all our "desires". Life is like school or a game. As you pass each challenge you proceed to the next level. No one goes from kindergarten straight to Graduate School. If we are set in our own egos and ignorance, stubbornly refusing to learn and see the light, regardless of the opportunities afforded us, we stay stuck forever and literally waste a life.
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