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I will try to help you understand that our thoughts are leading our reality. My goal is to help you answer questions that don't allow you to continue to live your life with inspiration and curiosity. "as above, so below…"
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I really enjoyed learning about tarot and astrology and now I am involved in all types of psychic work.

I continue to study many different topics to help me describe to you the symbolism that you need to know right now.

I am able to give advise through the experiences that I've been through.

I have been studying all psychic work, mainly tarot and astrology for +8 years.
Approach to Topics
I may use tarot and astrology or just intuitive senses to answer any of your questions.

I want to make you feel like you can read for yourself.

I don't believe I have any more mystical powers than you do. The key is getting you to want to question again and live your life.

I approach these readings like you are the reader and I am only helping you interpret the symbols faster.


If you feel happy or sad , confused, worried about anything or
If you have any question you feel stuck on, or need help feeling creative and inspired, or need help just getting through the day, then say hello! 💛

My goal is to help you not only find the answer to your question but to get you inspired again.

☀ I do not read for "divination" because I cannot tell the future. I believe we can try to 'divine' the future; once we believe in ourselves again. When we love ourselves again. It is not too good to be true.

I think of these psyche tools as a form of meditation and they may help understand who we are not and who we want to become.

I look forward to our conversation and feel inclined to emphasis that our conversation is not to give you the "right" answer because I am a human who has made terrible mistakes and am using my experience to advise you.

This can be a reading with or without cards; and/or can be 1 or 10 cards depending on the question.
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