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This picture is of my actual tarot deck, see how indented it is from years and years of reading? I'm not a materialistic person, but this is one of my most prized possessions, as it's a physical manifestation of my 20 years as a reader.

I first picked up a deck of tarot cards when I was only 13 years old. Though I didn't understand how or why, I seemed to just know things when I was looking at the cards. Intuitively, I knew how to interpret them, what they were saying to me. Then information I couldn't directly attribute to the cards started coming in...details that I wouldn't be able to guess just from looking at the cards. That's when it started to get interesting :)

I went to college and had "normal" jobs, but always seemed to come back to tarot. Finally, I surrendered to my calling and have been a full time professional tarot reader ever since. Until a few years ago, I’d concentrated on in person readings. Fairs, festivals, conventions, private parties and 1-on-1 sessions...I did them all.

I finally got to the point where less traveling for work was appealing (more travel for pleasure!), so I decided to switch over to an entirely online clientele and I've been on Keen with this specific account ever since!

I’m modern and liberal, so you don't have to worry about shocking me with your torrid romantic situations. I strive to be compassionate and constructive...my true passion is helping people. What are my specialties?

1. Love & relationships - Is your romance on the rocks? Is your partner acting in a way that you wish they wouldn't? Are they cheating? Is it really over? I can help you explore this relationship and make some decisions.

2. Career - Are you on the right path? Should you open your own business? Will your boss ever have your back? Will your gossiping co-worker set her sights on you? Is your next job the right one? Figuring out which steps to take in your career can be difficult. I can help you see the possibilities.

3. Life questions - Should you move? Should you go back to school? If you take a big risk, will it pay off? Even silly questions aren't off limits...will you like your hair if you cut it?

Topics not covered: health related questions (including pregnancy), legal questions, no unspecific timing questions. A note on timing: Tarot does have various methods for ascertaining timing, but most of them are tied into astrology. I do not believe in the accuracy of these methods. I can, and will, look for events happening inside a specific window of time. Yes: “Will I see him tomorrow?” No: “When will I see him again?”

Approach to Topics
I charge way less than most readers because I do traditional tarot and this limits the type of information I can access. Please don't expect super specific details like names and dates. I'm not a GPS locator either, unfortunately LOL

Please understand that I relay whatever message the cards have to give. It's beyond my abilities to tell you exactly what steps to take to change the outcome. I can only give general advice based on what I'm seeing. I am here to help, not enable. I pull spreads quickly and surgically. Please be prepared with questions, I do not give general readings.

You will hear me shuffling between questions, sorry about the noise. It doesn't indicate that I'm not finished answering, just that I'm preparing for the next one.

I don't do "when will this happen" questions and I don't always give positive predictions. I'm entirely used to getting bashed because I didn't give someone the answer they wanted to hear or I was the only reader to give a negative outcome. I am told that I'm "direct" about 50 times a week! LOL That doesn't mean I'm wrong though.

I'm not omniscient or omnipotent. This should be understood before calling :-)
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