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There's nothing that blocks your future more than stagnation. Get clarity for life situations that leave you confused, stressed, anxious, and emotionally drained. Please read information under the Approach to Topics.
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I learned to read tarot 10 years ago after going through a spiritual awakening. Over the years I have developed more skills and still continue to learn and grow in my connection to my spiritual guides. I work with energy healing, tarot, oracle cards, and crystals. I enjoy helping others on their soul journey and wish to help guide others in the right direction to stay on their life path.
Approach to Topics
Recently Awakened! I am a Natural Healer and Reiki certified. I use my intuition and other gifts along with tarot to help you gain clarity about your situation. I am here to help you find solutions to remove stagnation, confusion, stress, anxiety, and emotional drainage. My purpose is to get you moving in the right direction and help unblock you from situations that are keeping you stagnant and moving forward in life.

For anyone NOT familiar with tarot....***PLEASE NOTE*** I READ CARDS. IT TAKES ME A MINUTE TO ACTUALLY SHUFFLE THE CARDS AND PULL THEM AND YOUR ENERGY. PLEASE GIVE ME TIME TO DO THAT DURING YOUR READING. IF I AM NOT SPEAKING TO YOU, IT IS BECAUSE I AM PULLING THE CARDS TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS. Specific names, places, and dates can NOT be obtained through tarot cards. I can however pull initials, and approximate time frames. Also please be aware that time is fluid in tarot and energies are always changing, therefore you may find your answer has changed a few weeks to months down the road. Tarot is a snapshot of the current energy around you and the outcome if you stay on the specific course you are currently on. Yes and No answers also can't be answered by tarot so open ended questions are best. Feel free to email me if you would like a reading by email.
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