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Intuitive Angus
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I've read tarot professionally since 2011, and have studied and practiced tarot since 2001. I've helped 1,000s of people to make major life decisions, and I look forward to reading for you!
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I began to study tarot during a very traumatic time in my life, when I was leaving a Christian fundamentalist cult and, as it turned out, also dealing with a challenging divorce, starting a new business, remarrying, and moving to Colorado. I started out with the classic Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck and Rachel Pollack's 78º of Wisdom, and the cards were immediately helpful and comforting and helped me make a success of my life and all the transitions I was going through. Since then, I've read for 1,000s of friends and clients (and myself) on all topics, including divorce (and *avoiding* divorce and breakups), business, school, and new relationships. I also have clients who consult me on mundane decisions—such as what new skis to buy!—and find that the spiritual teacher in the cards is happy to weigh in on these issues as well.
Approach to Topics
I read tarot traditionally, based on the underlying symbolism derived from Kaballah, Astrology, Hermeticism, and the Western Mystery Tradition, and have contributed to tarot scholarship in several publications. I don't consider myself psychic, though I am certainly intuitive—basically, I find that the tarot system works, without psychic ability, and consider it a great gift from the Divine Spirit. So, I will always actually pull a few, or several, cards when answering your questions, and offer you the best interpretation possible, based on my deep knowledge of tarot structure and symbolism. I am also expert in I Ching, Runes, and cartomancy systems like LeNormand, and may dip into that knowledge during your reading.

Basically, I find that the more I study and read tarot, the more 'psychic' I am!
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