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Donna combines, clairaudience, and clairsentience in her readings. Her accuracy rating is described in detail, below! She is upbeat and happy to chat!
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I have been providing guidance for seekers for 37 years I am an empath, clairsentient, clairaudient, and tarot artist.
My Irish Spirit Guides help me see into the heart of any matter. I can provide you with details about and intentions of the people for whom you inquire. You will enjoy a detailed reading with kind delivery. My feedback is worthy of reading. My clients tell me I am very accurate. I do NOT give fantasy readings. I give you the reading you get on a given day. Energy and relationships are in a constant state of flux. People call for current energy so readings change from time to time. I always tell the truth of what I see, because I think clients like truth and honesty! I work hard to do my best for each and every one of you!

Approach to Topics
You must ask questions that provide a frame of reference for the cards if you would like the best value for your reading time.
What I can't do for you is provide you with dates, places times, and names of your exact love interest.
I have amazing accuracy in my readings as evidenced by my feedback. The cards operate from your energy and the readings are descriptors of people but not precise names etc.
"The people Whisperer, Donna, is clairaudient and will repeat words spoken by your lover back to you! Many have felt calmed and supported by her healing and kind manner. Her art is in helping you find a path to fulfill your dreams. Everyone has a "point of power" in which they can utilize personal wisdom and knowledge to advance their goals.
Tarot requires clear-cut questions and an open mind and heart for accurate answers. I always promise to provide honest readings and provide gently delivery. I am kind and diplomatic. ***, Please note that though I provide timing, it is not the core of what I do as a reader. If you are PRIMARILY calling for the time an event will unfold, please consult an astrologer.

I am empathic and will feel your pain. Please call in a calm state of mind. I find the Tarot does not respond well to anger and highly agitated energy.

**The Keen Member agreement that customers and advisors accept to be able to speak on this platform does not allow advisors to answer health-related questions. Only qualified medical professionals are licensed to do so.** Legal questions fall under the same limitations.
Donna never underestimates the happiness that is possible or the pain when your life seems lost at sea. She is a wise and kind person who reads her cards like no others according to her long-time clients. For years Donna traveled the globe and performed fun readings for co-workers. Countless times she would see the same employees cross her path in airports around the world and they run (literally) to her to give news of a prediction that came true for them. She will always seek the light on your behalf.

Readings are an investment, and I do not do general readings in this category. A general predictive reading is best done using astrology.
*Please know that I am honest about what I see in the cards, I am deeply compassionate and gentle in my delivery. I am tactful but straightforward.
What are William's thoughts feeling and intentions in dating me?
I had an interview, could you tell me if you think I will receive a job offer?
What is my best course of action regarding my boyfriend/girlfriend or love interest?

Sometimes people ask me for my opinion about whether they should stay with a person in a complicated relationship. I always feel we are on an individual journey and we must each make those decisions based on our emotions and needs. I never judge and always support your journey emotionally and spiritually. I am happy to help you evaluate what is right for you. I inform, and you decide.

I invite you to enjoy your reading and explore your questions in detail so you may explore various the ideas and options in any given situation.

Warm Regards,

Endorsed Strengths
  • Detailed · 99+
  • Honest · 99+
  • Accurate · 99+
  • Helpful · 99+
  • Kind · 99+
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