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Juan Tarot Guidance
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For new customers; use 3 free minutes to ask anything via chat, so I can connect with you and the question. Time expires, I do the spread, and email right back, and you receive a free reading; up to 25 minutes of my time. Go!
I have studied metaphysics for over 40 years, and understand the non physical 'physics' of consciousness; of our beliefs and mind-set, that attracts our physical experiences. I use Tarot, to highlight the present, dominate energies in your circumstance; and offer incites to affect change.
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I may be a bit different than the other readers. I do not enjoy reading by phone, or chat for that matter; as I feel very rushed to deliver your information quickly as I know each second costs you money. Its like suggesting someone have sex QUICKLY .. just not reasonable. You want me, to tune in as deeply as I can to your reading; and I want you to share as much about your situation as you can. I want to enter my 'zone' in my own timing, not being rushed to do so. This only makes sense, Please, contact me, send me an email and describe your situation in depth. I will then do my thing, and return asap; I will attach request for payment in my reply of $8.00 for my response . To 'open it', just pay $8.00. (except new customers get 1 free) I will get to all readings same day. IF you see me on chat, just reach me there if you like to say hi and check me out; though the reading will be by email.
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