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Julie is the Phoenix Rising
Julie is the Phoenix Rising
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What question is burning in your heart and soul? What do you need to know to be at peace and know your direction? Your spiritual team has the answer. Medium, psychic, Tarot. Tools/no tools. You have choices ??
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I have been psychic all of my life. Even as a child I was given messages from my guides and visions of what would come. I embraced any avenue to connect with spirit and become more evolved and knowledgeable about our universe and it's gifts. I began my professional practice when I was in my early 20's, over 30 years ago. I continue to learn and grow every day so that I can pass that knowledge on to those who the universe sends to me. Like you, I have gone through many experiences in my life both negative and positive. I can connect with you to a deeper degree through those experiences because that is how compassion and empathy are born. My gifts are there for anyone who is open and willing to hear what the Universe has to relay. I am at your service. Ask and spirit will speak your answer through me.

How Tarot can Help you

Tarot Readings

The true strength of Tarot lies in its ability to communicate with our subconscious and bring to light those things that lay hidden…and those we seek to hide. A tarot reading can often bring forth to discussion about those things that lay beneath the surface and remain unspoken. Truly receiving a Tarot reading means that you must keep your mind and heart open, read between the lines and think outside the box. Participate in your reading and be proactive by asking questions and discovering how the reading can help you think differently about a situation that may be beyond your capacity to change or change that which you thought impossible. The Tarot dates back centuries and has survived even the infamous witch hunts and burning times because its accuracy can be mysterious and intriguing if used correctly in conjunction with an open mind and a participant who uses it in the right capacity. Tarot is not your answer, but it is an extremely accurate way to get insight into life’s tough dilemma’s and helps with healthy decision making…Try it and see how Tarot can help you…

When receiving a Tarot reading please make sure that there are 15 minutes of time in your account. A good Tarot reading takes about 15 -20 minutes to read the 10 cards and answer your questions.
Approach to Topics
Readings offered: Medium, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Empathic, Love, Relationships, Intuition, Life Questions, Spiritual messages, Tarot, Career, Work, Jobs.

I DO NOT divulge the cards I pull for you. We all read differently. There is no standardized way of reading the tarot. Since we all have our own style, it would not help you to know the cards I pull because you may not read them the way I do. If you would like to read cards for yourself, why spend the money to call? ;)

My approach to readings is a simple and direct relaying of what the guides and the universe are showing me. I like to get to know you and make you feel comfortable and at ease. Trust is tantamount. I want you to be able to build a trust in me that I will do my best to help you and give you the most accurate information that is available. My reading are personal to you, not general to society. I actually try and avoid general readings. You are not just my client, you are an an individual who needs care and support. I am compassionate to your circumstances. But I will warn you that sugar coating, is not my area of expertise. You may not hear what you wanted, but you will always hear what you need.
Very Important: I do not tell my clients what cards I pull. I have this policy because in the beginning of my career people would ask and i would tell. Every single individual reads cards differently. There is no right or wrong. So YOUR interpretation of the cards I pull is not valid. If you would like to read for yourself, please save your money and pull your own cards ;)
Are you looking for direct, no nonsense answers to your questions? I am an intuitive that will be completely honest with you always. I want you to go away with information you can use in your life, not just to tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear for your highest good. The only requirement for receiving a reading with me is an open mind and heart. Let me help you like I have helped others to find their true love, true passion and true path in life.

"I love Julie's clear, concise answers to my questions. Regular readings with Julie have not only helped me make better decisions in my life but it has also helped me to sharpen my own intuitive abilities. I feel more in control of my life. Julie is a kind, giving soul; truly a gem." Julia, CT

""Julie is amazingly insightful. Her readings are not only spot-on, but she blends them with life coaching skills which bring it home for her clients. She is the best!!" Robyn, New York

Tarot, Medium, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Empath, Love, Relationships, Intuition, Life Questions, Spiritual messages, Tarot, Career, Work, Jobs.

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