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Kara Jane
Kara Jane
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Honest, down-to-earth readings. Clients claim I am highly accurate--I'll let you be the judge. Accurate answers to specific questions.
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Deceased Loved Ones
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Skills & Methods
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I am a natural-born psychic with 15 years experience. My strongest abilities are: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, empathy and mediumship. I use tarot cards and my guide to help me read for you. Connections depend on the individual client. I am a firm believer in free will and therefore, I not only do I believe actions can change the outcome of my predictions, I have seen it happen.
Approach to Topics
I provide insight with love, honesty and compassion without judging, sugarcoating or giving false promises. I am a no- nonsense reader who is direct and respectful. I don't do fairy tales. I have a guide that will sometimes be very honest, so please be prepared. She is very kind and she has your best interest in mind, so don't worry!

I can provide insight on love,career, money/finance, general relationships, spiritual issues and connections to loved ones who have crossed over. I don't do animal or lost object readings.

I read "conversation style," so expect that I will ask some questions during the reading. I usually ask questions in order to help me accurately translate the information I am receiving. If you prefer not to have this type of reading, I can also do e-mail readings.

I don't:
-claim accuracy on timing, period. Usually things will unfold as I have seen them, but my timing is not always accurate.
-ask for birthdays in order to do a reading.
-use astrology or numerology.
-Make up answers if I don't know them. If I can't see it or hear it, I'll tell you.
-answer questions concerning death/health.
-talk about "soul mates."
-answer questions about people who are not directly related to you or the situation at hand.
-claim to be 100% or even 98% accurate in my readings--no one is 100% accurate except the creator.
-give unsolicited advice.
-agree with what other advisors have said or read like other advisors do. I tell you what I see. I am usually shown an outcome based on current actions.
-do or recommend spells to clients or offer paid prayer services.

How to Prepare
-Have your questions ready. The more direct the question, the quicker the answer. I can do general readings by appointment only. If you have a specific question, it is better to ask it, rather than to ask for a general reading and hope I hit it. Time is money and I don't want to waste yours.
-If possible, try to be as calm and relaxed as you can before calling. I am a very sensitive empath who tends to pick up on emotions very easily...if you are not calm, it can take me a little longer to sift through those emotions and tap into you.
-I sometimes have a tendency to talk fast, so please take notes. I don't usually repeat myself unless I am given the same message repeatedly.
-Although I do talk and type fast, I am not a speed reader. Please don't expect me to answer 5 questions in 2 minutes and please expect that I WILL shuffle cards for many of the questions, which does take time. If you do not have this time, I suggest calling another reader. I want to make sure that I am providing a quality reading.
-For my repeat clients, I thank you and appreciate you putting your continued trust in me. Because I don't keep notes on any of my readings, it is extremely rare that I will remember anything I have read for you--even if it was just the day before. I have tried, but I have come to realize it is a good thing that I do not remember. It keeps each reading fresh and separate.
-I will try to get as indepth as I can, but overall, spirit has control over the reading, not me and not the cards. I have had some clients wanting me to "ask the cards a different way." In my experience, micromanaging a reading has almost never resulted in anything positive(mostly blanks and opposite answers).

Thank you so much for putting your trust in me.
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