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I love helping clients with life issues. In general I'm about 85-90 pct accurate. For timing, maybe a little less, I give a range, you'll find a job/partner/house within x NBR of weeks/months. I can't give specific date.
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I have almost 20 years of reading experience but I can remember having feelings that something would happen before it did for 10 years longer than that. I also read on a radio show in MA for about a year. I prefer reading over the phone due to high anxiety. I am ONLY able to do readings on Keen. I would be willing to offer email readings or chat, just send me a keen mail to make arrangements

I'm also very empathic. I know every client won't click with me but I feel a connection to most of my clients. Please know before you call that not every reader and every client are meant to work together. If after your call I feel like you'd be better off getting a reading from another advisor in the future, I will send you a keen mail letting you know that. It's nothing personal, I believe in being honest with my clients, I don't want you wasting your money and reading some people drains me more than others. In almost 20 years on keen, I think I've done that 5 times. Maybe you don't feel a connection with me. You can block me or email me to put you on my no mail list.

The picture below is my dog, Crockett, and I. You may hear him barking sometimes, I live with my parents, due to health issues and I'm in a wheelchair due to rupturing my patellar tendon in 2017 and the repair didn't work so I'm unable to drive or walk without using a walker. My parents take him out for the last time to help me. Our yard isn't fenced. Most of the time I'm done working by then, but if I do happen to be working it doesn't impact the reading.

I know some clients don't like "any" noise during their readings, if you let me know if that bothers you, I'll make a note in your profile and make sure not to take your call during the time they come to get him or for an appointment, I'll make arrangements for them to work around the appointment time.

I'm generally available to work from 1-130 pm CST until 8pm CST. I live in the Midwest. I send out emails on the days I work. If you would like to be put on my no mail unless I'm going to be away for several days or no mail ever list, please let me know and I'm happy to do that. I have many repeat callers, I have a few that have been with me since a year or 2 after I started keen.

I mentioned the health issues because as my regular clients know, I used to be on a lot more, but since I got hurt back in 2017, it's impacted my stamina and I ONLY read when I am at my best. If you would like to speak at a specific time, you should be able to request an appointment, if it doesn't give you that ability, send me a keenmail and when I get it, I will reply and put myself in "offline" status for an hour to allow you to make appointments. I won't accept appointments outside of 1 pm CST or later than 9 CST unless you make arrangements. It's on a day by day basis and with my health issues, I don't know how I'm going to feel the next day. If you're reading this and are skeptical that I am a reader/psychic and can't predict for myself, it's not uncommon for some readers to be unable to read for themselves. I don't see any reason not to share what I'm sharing, hopefully you don't think it's too much information. Long time customers will remember some of this. Unfortunately, Keen upgraded their system and I didn't save my web code in time and I don't have access to the email or the computer that I used then so I'm recreating from scratch.

Approach to Topics
I am honest, kind empathic and empathetic. I will tell you exactly what I see or don't see but I do it in a kind way. If I sense you are open to it or you ask, I'm happy to share how I clear/ground myself and manifest things. The principal behind The Secret is my favorite. I love listening to Doreen Virtue's Chakra clearing as well.

I did predict, as I shared with the handful of clients that asked that Biden was going to be the 46th President.

Please do not call me if you do not want the truth. I will tell you what I see in answer to your questions but it may not be what you want to hear. If you are having trouble at work or in a relationship, I will tell you if I see it ending, but I do prefer to focus on positive things. What I mean by that, I'll tell you the job or relationship is ending but I prefer to not dwell on what's ending if you can't do anything to change it, and focus on getting you ready for the next relationship or job opportunity. I've had a bad relationship and I'm still afraid to put myself out there so I know what it's like. I'm not a licensed therapist but I can help you with some of the issues you're dealing with. I know what it's like to have to start over building your life including friends, after a breakup. I know what it's like to be lonely and just need someone to talk to. That being said, this is how I pay my bills and I almost never send free minutes out.

I LOVE helping clients make changes in their lives, job, love, moving, diet or healthy choices or if you're looking to expand your circle of friends. I realize that as I'm writing this, November 2020, it's very difficult to meet someone, no matter if it's platonic or romantic, same or opposite sex due to Covid, but if you're willing to do the work, it can happen. I know times are hard for everyone, I've been where most of you might be so I can relate more easily. I not only bring my psychic gifts and ability to my readings, but also my 40+ years of life experience. I can give you suggestions for rental or mortgage assistance, help clean up your credit, give you pointers on bankruptcy, by that I mean tell you where to start looking for a lawyer, help with weight loss, give you a shoulder or someone to listen to if you're going through relationship issues or problems with your friends/family and I'm happy to listen if you have scary health things and no one to talk to, but I do not give health/medical advice. Please contact a professional. I don't answer questions about the lottery or health questions, such as, "What is wrong with me? Am I going to get better? Am I going to die? When am I going to die? The only exception is if you have someone that's very ill and not expected to get better, I'm willing to give you a range of how long I get that they have.

You need to be aware that some things change based on people's actions or free will. That's why I mentioned above I'm only 85-90 percent accurate. NO ONE is 100 percent accurate.
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