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Let me help guide you and lead you in the direction you want your life to go together we can make life changes for you
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I have helped many people in my community and other parts of the world with my gift. I have even helped people that I have never met before. When I’m out doing my every day routine. I run into people that needs me all the time. I am good at helping people find love,Making their life changes in dealing with love, finances,Closer with a loved one, I can tell you when your enemy is coming for you, When your spouse is cheating,When some one want’s your spouse, One of my clients was not looking for love because she had got out of a terrible realation ship with her husband cheating on her with her sister and the neighbors. She just ment she was done with love. She called me one day down and out.I told her to go to the Lowe’s hard wear store that she would have a admire that was at the store that will reveal himself to her. I also told her that she new this man because she went to school with him and he had a crush on her then. She refused to go to Lowe’s. Months later her daughter was coming home from the Army and she was bringing home her new husbands mother and father.She was in a panic because she said that she needed to paint her house. She said she was gonna go to Wallmart to get some paint. I told her no it is time to go to Lowe’s that that same man is still there for her. She goes to Lowe’s and she gets approached by this guy.He try’s to give her his number. She won’t take the number so he gives it to her daughter. She calls me and tell me I was so right about this man. He ended up being a manger at Lowe’s so he was still there. She had went to school with this guy and he told her to call him because he always had a crush on her. She would not call him at all. She calls me again I tell her to call him that was gonna be her new Husband.She said no no no. I told her she know that the guy is safe with just give him the one date. So she gave him the date. They been together every since.They got married and moved from Louisiana to Texas together.They been happily married for 12 years now and they still call me to this day.

Approach to Topics
When you relax and just be yourself and don't put up a wall it will work better in getting a reading. I do not judge at all that is not what I am here for. you have to have patience when asking a question or wanting cards read you can not be talking fast and expecting to find out what's going on in less than three minutes it does not work like that. If I tell you I don't see something is gonna happen for you then that is what it is. I don't like when a customer gets upset and try to make me say I see something I don't. I am not here for your entertainment or mine. I have a full blown life outside of this and run more than one business of my own.I am not here for the money.This can drain your personal energy after doing this and make you week if you are the real deal.Many people I met and helped over the years begged me to reach out and help other people and God told me It was time. I do not perform black magic. I do not know how so If that is what you are looking for than I can not help you. I can only share images with you that I see that god wants or show me to tell you. If I see something gonna go wrong than I can tell you how you can fix it only if I am shown it. This is why I will not lie and tell you some one wants you still and they don't or you still have a chance and you don't. So do not get mad at me when it's not there anymore and some times it can still be there for you if you are willing to make some changes in yourself. I can sometimes see what made them stop dealing with you and what you need to work on. I do understand it does not feel good knowing when some one is just over you and tired. Sometimes it is just time to move ton because if you want to play I will wait until they contact me game. You 8 times out of ten will wait your whole life. These people you seek leave the house from time to time go to work, go shopping or just go out to have fun. They run into other people and these other people can play a part of them connecting with some one else so do not underestimate the person floating around that is not you.this is why If you really love someone you act on it . If you don't get no action from it you just might of missed your boat. Your attitude can play a big part in your Love life. Example: Boring,complain to much, not fun to be around, not wild enough for that person, to wild for that person, don't listen, talk over people, nothing in common, to clingy, not clingy enough, you put friends and family first all the time.Or you just have bad vibes when they come around and bad energy. If you are willing to do the work we can get you through some of these things. If not you and your actions are the final say of your destiny. I can give you a reading all day long . If you not willing to listen you play a part in your on outcome. If you gonna be rood to me don't call me or chat with me.I am here to help I don't know what you been through with other advisors that does not have anything to do with me. Do not call me talking about this advisor said this and that. We all see in different ways. I'm gonna give you a good tip : all of our personality's are not gonna go good together find a advisor that fit's you It does not matter if it is not me. Hopping around giving every one 2-3 minutes a piece is not gonna have you find any answers.It will leave you confused you have to give a real person time to meditate on you personally. Well I'm out and I'm here to help people become greater and find there true happiness in life and always know if you are not happy then you can find your happy !!! I look forward in working with who ever as long as you have a open mind. The bad reviews are because I am not willing to lie to you and forcing me to say what you want will not happen from me. God bless and and god hears all prayers do not forget him that's what make are world go round. I wish you all well Lady life Change
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