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Lady Thirteen
Lady Thirteen
Delve Into The Truth Of Your Mystical Self
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Are you ready to come into your own power and see what the universe has in store for you? Gentle, real guidance from an experienced medium and tarot reader, ready and able to help you fan the flames of your fate.
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Destiny/Life Path
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Spirit Guides
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I am a born healer, empath, and student of life who possesses a natural ability to understand situations for what they are from a cosmic standpoint. I have always used my abilities to help and heal others, as well as myself, through energy readings, intuition, wisdom, and a sense of humor. I've traveled the country giving tarot readings to those I encounter, often for free, having practiced card reading for five years, which time and time again proves to provide the best foundation when confronting answers about one's own growth and the situations life gives us.
Approach to Topics
I use a combination of tarot cards and my natural psychic abilities to tune into your situation and get answers flowing. You have questions? I can channel Otherworldly influences to address them, including spirit guides and deceased loved ones. With the cards as a map to your situation, you also are provided with time-honored intel from a timeless tool. I want you to follow your heart, and my main priority is that my clients receive the information most pertinent to honoring their purpose in life. To that extent, just FYI, I will push you to look within so that you bring into your life what is truly in your heart. I work a lot with your auric energy field to identify any blocks, which can often manifest in physical ailments---if your health is feeling wonky, let's get to the bottom of it. I also am a relationship expert, with a vast amount of psychological as well as esoteric knowledge to really delve into love as it plays out in your life. You hold the keys; I have the cards. Let's make your future happen FOR YOU!
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