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Tarot reader since childhood, dream interpretations, identification of Chakra blockages. Currently learning reiki. Herbalist by inheritance.
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My family comes from humble beginnings. What they lacked in academics, they made up for it in knowledge of plants, animals, and energies. Though in the more recent generations, this knowledge and energy has been repressed (mostly because my relatives started to travel and associate themselves more to society and its modalities), my talents were very obvious and hard to control. As a child, I was always different and never fit in (still don't) but found solace in plants, cards, journals, and music.

I taught myself everything I know. It wasn't until I became an adult that I REALLY went towards my spirituality and getting to know the universe and more than rock and gas floating around by chance.

This, what I'm doing on this site, is part of my own healing journey. By helping others, I hope to help myself too.

Let's heal together ♥!
Approach to Topics
I'll tell you what's the most important thing right now for you to overcome. Don't come to me wanting to tie a romantic interest down, to curse someone, or if you're not in an open minded space.

Take notes, LISTEN, and meditate on our conversations.

I use tarot and oracle cards. I have crystals for clarity and seamless interpretation.

Please be ready to provide your full name, birthday, and general location. This information is never recorded and is solely used to tap into your energy.

I am blunt and straightforward. Think of me as your big sister.

During my readings, I like to keep things light and conversational. I want you to talk to me like if we were friends for ages (honestly, if you reach out to me, we probably were friends in a past life ♥).

I usually tap in without tools, but will use cards, crystals, and candles to get details and clarification.

After readings, you will have moments of deep thinking. It's ok to feel tired after. Readings transfer a great amount of energy, so make sure you drink water, rest, and eat a fruit or veggie if you feel hungry. Note: don't eat or drink anything that can lower your vibration.

Try me out to see how your life can change for the better with simple energetic exercises and practices that you can add to your everyday life!
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